The Environment subcommittee works to encourage students to live more sustainably and get involved in the environmental projects around the campus. For example, the Interhall Energy Competition in which students’ halls compete with each other by reducing water, gas and electricity consumption. The upshot of this being that energy is used more efficiently, requiring fewer natural resources, and therefore helping the University to cut its energy bill! Ultimately, the money saved circulates back to the hall committees giving a great incentive for active participation. 

Additionally, together we encourage students to recycle and reduce waste; buy locally, choose seasonal and Fairtrade products as well as reduce weekly meat consumption or even get involved in one of the community gardens around town and grow your own healthy organic food! It sounds like a lot but there's always something on to get involved with.

The highlight of the committee is the annual Green Week, which will be held in Week 4 in Semester 1. Green Week is a celebration of all the good work we do at St Andrews, from our student green societies and projects, to academic work. It includes loads of events; guest speakers, film nights, stalls etc, over the course of the week. If you or your society is interested in participating in this year’s Green Week or would like to share any ideas of events which you want to see happening in Green Week then please let us know!

Lauren is the Environment Officer for the academic year 2018-19.

For more information about these or any other environmental issues or just be updated on environmental events in town, get in touch! 

Email: eande@st-andrews.ac.uk 
Facebook: Environment St Andrews


The Environment Subcommittee meets once per week, on Thursday’s at 5pm in Society Room D.

Please contact us if you would like to come along with ideas or concerns.


-Association Environment Officer

-Green Week Coordinator (x2)

-Publicity/Social Media Officer (x2)

-Societies Liaison Officer (x2)

-General Project Officer