Bus services

There is a bus station on City Road, on the way into St Andrews. From here, you can catch buses out of town, or around the town. All routes can be found on the Stagecoach website https://www.stagecoachbus.com/timetables


Train services

The nearest train service is from Leuchars Station, which is around ten minutes away by bus (99 services).

All train times and prices can be found on the Scot Rails website or trainline website https://www.thetrainline.com/


Taxi phone numbers

There are a lot of taxi companies in St Andrews. Here are some numbers for them:

Golf City Taxis: 01334 477788

G&A St Andrews Taxis: 01334 871030

HM Taxis: 01334 474700

Williamson Taxis: 01334 476787

Independent Taxis: 01334 477777

Club cars: 01334 479900

St Andrews Taxis: 01334 477272


Shuttle services to the airport

St Andrews shuttle service (https://www.standrewsshuttle.com/) provide a door to door service and provide a shuttle to Edinburgh airport from £19. This is the cheapest way to travel between St Andrews and Edinburgh Airport. There are many groups on Facebook where you can book shuttles, but remember always make sure you are using a licensed taxi/shuttle as people who do not have these means their insurance will become invalid putting you in danger.


Park run for fitness

Park run is a community 5K run at Craigtoun Park, and it’s free to join in with. Just register online if you want to know your time: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/

This is a great way to keep fit and to integrate into the town.


Alcohol outside

It’s important to be careful of where you drink on nights out. It is illegal to drink alcohol, or have open containers of alcohol, in public in St Andrews. If you breach this, the police can hand out on the spot fines. Public areas include streets, roads, in vehicles or in parks.


Bin schedules

For students in private accommodation, it’s important to know when your bins will be emptied. There are four bins: blue for landfill waste, grey for paper and cardboard, green for plastics and cans, and brown for food and garden waste. The Bin Collection Calendar can be found on the Fife Council website: https://www.fifedirect.org.uk/env_bins/index.cfm

For students living in the town centre, or who have business neighbours, it’s always worth introducing yourself. There are always issues with common entrances, bins, etc but if the business can help with anything they usually will. If they know, for example, that you have gone away for spring break they can put your empty bin back where it belongs.


Locations of services

Post offices: WHSmith on South Street contains our post office.

Pharmacies: There is a pharmacy at Morrisons (on Largo Road), one in Boots (on Market Street), and Lloyd’s Pharmacy next to the community hospital, which is located close to Morrisons on Largo Road.


Local business promotions

The majority of businesses in St Andrews will offer student discount, make sure you ask when you visit a new shop or restaurant!

You should follow St Andrews Live on Facebook to stay up to date with all the promotions: https://www.facebook.com/StAndrewsFife/



St Andrews harbour "is a working harbour" and there is safety signage on site which should always be paid attention too, regardless of any activity that students are involved in at the harbour and that all efforts are made to keep items out of the sea.  

If any group/individual wants to hold an event or something similar at the harbour, then the Harbour Trust and harbourmaster must be informed in advance.

The riskiest activity students engage in around the harbour is the pier jump, so please pay some mind to the harbour such as tide times, busy times for boats and the weather.

From - Neil Dobson, of the St Andrews Harbour Trust



Many Societies and Groups like to have bonfires on the beaches, but there are some rules and tips for those groups, which they must follow:




General behaviour

Be respectful of the locals who live here full time. Since we are not a campus university, a lot of us will live out with the centre of town, so we need to think of the locals a little more. Introduce yourself to your neighbours and let them know before you hold a party – it will be a much better year if you are on good terms with them. If you are respectful and consider whether your plans will impact anyone else, then you can have fun without any issues!