rectorial election

Key Information

Nominations will be open in October 2017

Thinking of running a candidate? Take a look at the role of the Rector here!

Have you read the rules yet?

Voting opens Thursday 12th October


The University of St Andrews Students' Association has a strong and vibrant record of student democracy. We are the only UK students' union to have exceeded over 50% turnout.


Get Involved


All St Andrews students are eligible to run a Rectorial Campaign! Are you passionate about representation? Do you love the University? Do you care about making about affecting fundamental change in University governance? Run a Rectorial Campaign! 

If you think someone would do a fabulous job, why not tell them and nudge them to run!

Watch these videos to see what candidates get up to during elections week!


Important Dates

  • Nominations open: 2nd October, 9am
  • Nominations close: 4th October, 5pm
  • Formal announcement of candidate nominations: 5th October, Noon
  • Campaigning Starts: 6th October, 00:01
  • Polls open: 12th October, 9am
  • Polls close: 13th October, 5pm
  • Results: 13th October, Time TBC


Casting A Vote

Casting a vote is simple, on October 12nd when voting opens all you have to do is click the link sent to your email. A personalised link will be emailed to all students. Please email saelect@ if there are any issues.


Before you cast your vote you should familiarize yourself with the position.

We recommend reading role descriptions as well to fully understand the responsibilities of the roles you are about to elect people to.

Finally, we will live-stream the Rectorial candidate question time. Watch this space for a streaming link or attend in person!


Nomination Forms

The form to nominate a Rector can be found here. It must be submitted to College Gate by 5pm on October 4th alongside a signed Code of Conduct.

Candidate should also read the Rules and Procedures, the SA Election Committee Handbook, and the Charity Trustee Eligibility Document.


Get in touch.

If you have any questions, you can email the Elections Committee at

Make sure to follow @saelect on Twitter! Like the official Facebook page!