Rector's Assessor

The role of Rector's Assessor is currently vacant

The role of Rector's Assessor is currently vacant

Since the term of John Cleese (1970-73) this position has always been filled by a student.

The Rector’s Assessor is a full member of University Court and the Students' Representative Council. They also assist and represent the Rector whenever necessary. The Assessor also chairs the Students' Association Rector's Committee, and is responsible for its activities.

This position is currently vacant.

To apply, email rector@ with a CV and a single A4 cover letter detailing why you should be the Rector's Assessor, why you're qualified, and what you'd like to do with the role.

Please reach out to Lewis Wood, Association President, at with any questions at all about the role or how you can become involved with the Rector's projects.