Rector and Rector’s Assessor

Catherine Stihler, MEP, is the new Lord Rector of the University of St Andrews.

Applications for Rector's Assessor will be open from March 30th - April 6th! 

To apply, please send a your CV and a one page letter to Your letter should address why you'd like to be the Rector's Assessor and speak to your qualifications for the role. Any matriculated student is eligible to apply.

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to interview on the afternoon of April 15th, and if you are successful, you'll formally begin your term on July 1.

Please reach out to current Rector's Assessor, Annie Newman, at with any questions at all about the role or application process.

To apply, please email a covering letter no longer than one page to the Chairman of the Fund, Annie Newman, at including:

• Name, subject, year, phone number, and email address

• Current internship offer held, or internship in pursuit of

• Contact details for your internship host

• Description of your career aspirations and how this internship would further those goals

• An explanation of why you should be a Rector's Scholar