Your Rector, your choice.


Srdja Popovic




We believe that equality should be at the heart of this campaign and our policies aim to make St Andrews more inclusive to everyone. As rector, Srdja will use his skills at training activists to help students better uphold these values. 



Given its remote location, the University of St Andrews must continue to look outwards to a more inclusive, sustainable and international future. 



We believe that students should have adequate representation and support. We want to ensure that students suffering psychological, financial or physical difficulties receive appropriate help from the university. 



With Srdja Popovic as Rector, we will focus on three primary aims. 

Firstly, we believe that it is essential that students be provided with the option to live in Affordable Accommodation in St Andrews. 

Secondly, we strongly support the development of Transport to, from and within St Andrews, including a Train Line, which would allow for greater movement and sustainability. 

Thirdly, we would like to emphasize the importance of Student Power and each student’s role in bringing about change at the university.




Fixing the housing crisis

  1. Ensure that all students in St Andrews are provided with access to affordable accommodation 
    1. Lobby for the University of St Andrews to build one unit of affordable accommodation (£4000 or less per year) for every two new units that are constructed
    2. Encourage the university to replace Albany Park with more affordable accommodation
  2. Improve standards and quality of student housing
    1. Create a comprehensive list of landlords in St Andrews 
    2. Allow students to rate and review landlords in terms of services provided and cost of rent


Motivating movement and sustainability

  1. Campaign for Rail Link into St Andrews in order to help the university become carbon neutral and to bring down housing fees 
    1. Decrease the number of cars passing through St Andrews everyday (14 thousand on average) and the environmental and health impact that this has on the town and its student body
  2. Campaign to provide subsidies for bus travel to students with limited means and who are not within walking distance of the University


Making student voices heard 

  1. Create a public forum outside of the Union for politically active societies to better coordinate their efforts
    1. Allow for a more flexible forum for debate outside of the Union
  2. Shine light on sexual harassment and ensure that preventative measures are put in place
    1. Work with groups throughout the university in order to ensure that students are properly educated regarding issues like consent and sexual health
  3. Work with the university to help those suffering from mental health problems and make sure that this support is properly funded and accessible to those who need it
  4. Help smaller sports clubs at the university receive adequate support from the university


Remaining open

  1. Promote EU students’ rights in the UK and make sure St Andrews remains international
    1. Demand that Freedom of Movement is maintained for both British and EU students so that they may continue to benefit from international institutions of learning
    2. Campaign for students to not be included in official immigration numbers
  2. Lobby to safeguard ERASMUS and its essential funding for study-abroad programs


Easing student-life

  1. Improve communication between the University and incoming freshers
    1. Provide set dates to freshers for receiving vital information such as accommodation allocations
    2. Improve online facilities for freshers 
  2. Find a cost-effective solution to the lack of study space in the library
    1. Set up a working group to deal with library overcrowding



With this campaign, we will use Srdja’s support to empower students and to bring our goals to the attention of those who can bring about real change. Meanwhile, together as students, we will create a long-lasting movement based on diversity, unity and activism.

Willie Rennie


I would love for you to choose me as your next Rector of the University of St Andrews, to give me the incredible opportunity to bring this whole community together, and work to improve the lives of everyone in St Andrews. Here’s what I’d love to bring to the role. 


1) Presence

The best way for a Rector to engage with students and really advocate for their interests is by being here in town - and I’m already here. I already spend the time hanging about outside Tesco talking to students, meeting the Sabbaticals, finding out how we in local government can help student interests, and being the Rector would give me a wonderful chance to do more of that. 

I’m really excited about the idea of getting more involved with student life - I’ve been involved in debates and with mental health events run by students before, but I know there’s so much more I could be doing. 

I’ll be right here in St Andrews all year round, not only to listen to your concerns, but to have a laugh, too.


2) Community

I spend a lot of time speaking to all sorts of people who live in and around North-East Fife, and I’ve learned a lot about this area. With two world-class industries in one tiny town, St Andrews has a lot to be proud of, but that comes with its fair share of problems. I’ve spent years working with locals finding real-life solutions to their frustrations, and if I were your Rector I could finally work to solve problems for the whole community: students do so much for St Andrews, and I want to show that off and build on the really valuable existing connections between ‘town and gown’. 

I can advocate for St Andrews students not only on the University Court, but all over town, in Scottish Parliament, and in Westminster. 


3) Wellbeing

A huge problem facing students is the provision of resources looking after their Wellbeing, especially access to mental and sexual health. This is something we can overcome. 

Working with the University, Students’ Association, and local institutions, I would be perfectly placed to find long-lasting structural changes that can address these problems, and satisfy the needs of everyone in the community. 

I am committed to making easy student access to mental and sexual health professionals a reality. 


4) Opportunity

I want to make sure students from all sorts of backgrounds are able to access the amazing opportunities St Andrews has to offer. 

This means working for the University alongside my contacts in the community and in local government to secure affordable housing solutions - the HMO ban is not the answer. It also means assisting with outreach work, making sure that the best and brightest young people from all over the world know that St Andrews University is a real option for them.

I’d also spend my term expanding the size and remit of the Rector’s Fund, using it to open up further opportunities that let St Andrews students achieve the great things they’re capable of. 


If you have any questions, please tweet me @willie_rennie, or message the campaign page, and vote for me to be your next Rector on the 12th & 13th October!