The 2018 Students' Association Elections rules & regulations are available here

The rules are interpreted and amended by the Elections Committee at 5pm daily during the elections period, and it is the candidates responsibility to keep on top of updates which are published on this page

The rules & regulations for the Students' Association Elections 2018 have been approved the SRCSSC, and the Elections Committee. The Elections Committee is tasked to make sure that all candidates in the Students' Association Elections 2018 adhere to these rules.

If you have any questions, you can email the Elections Committee at, or come to the drop-in Elections Office between 10am and 5pm on weekdays in Weeks 5 & 6 in the Advocacy Office (first floor of the Students' Association, opposite the stairs).


Rule Updates

The Elections Committee is empowered by resolution of the Students' Association Councils to amend or interpret the rules according to situations which arise throughout the campaign period. The committee meets at 5pm each night to discuss any amendments or clarifications to the rules.

26th of February:

  • No paper hand-out publicity may be used for campaigning. Stickers and the previously prescribed posters are still permitted, but candidates are not permitted to use paper hand-outs of any size or purpose. The ban on flyers was interpreted as a ban on all paper-based handout publicity materials. An exception was made for stickers and the poster described in the rules. Candidates were encouraged to trial alternative publicity materials such as baked goods with rice-paper tags.

  • No geographical restrictions are placed on candidates using Snapchat geo-filters.

  • Candidates are not permitted to use publicity materials previously associated with any affiliated society in their campaign. This includes previously used profile pictures, logos etc.

  • Candidates are required to include both polling dates (8th and 9th of March) on all banners used in their campaign.

  • Candidates' nomination alerts will be published to Twitter and Facebook. Candidates and students are allowed to retweet, share, like these social media postings. Candidates are not permitted to comment or add content to these postings. Candidates are advised that digital interactions with these postings will be monitored and must not constitute pre-campaigning as determined by the Elections Committee.

  • Candidates may use Facebook advertising as a part of their campaign.

  • Candidates are requested to check their email shortly after 4pm each day. At this time the Elections Committee will convey any requests for information or attendance at any proceedings to candidates.

  • Candidates are allowed to take photos outside of the Students' Association and University buildings, but not in them. Branding, staff, or on duty volunteers can not feature in any pictures. Photos are not permitted in areas that are not accessible by the public.


28th of February:

  • Nominations for School Presidents and Modern Languages Convenor positions do not need to be seconded.


3rd of March

  • No merchandise/clothing associated with a society or sports team may be used in a campaign. Generic AU sports clothing, which all students can purchase, may be used. 

  • Candidates are reminded that they can not use photos which have been used for the purpose of a different group, such as society events.

  • You may not use preexisting groups to promote your campaign. This includes Facebook groups and messenger chats.

  • Candidates may use the University crest in their campaign.

  • AU President candidates may use the Saints Sport logo.

  • Rule 5.18 (Prohibited activity, motor vehicles), has been updated to include all vehicles, not just motor vehicles, which includes bicycles and rickshaws. 


Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is made up of twenty one students and all of them remain neutral during elections:

  • Director of Wellbeing and Senior Elections Officer
  • Association President
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Student Development and Activities
  • Director of Events and Services
  • Athletic Union President
  • Three SSC Representatives
  • Three SRC Representatives
  • Senior Academic Representative, Arts & Divinity
  • Senior Academic Representative, Science & Medicine
  • 7 Co-opted Members

The Senior Elections Officer is assisted by three Deputy Elections Officers.