Nick Thornton - DoES Candidate

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FULL MANIFESTO: Nick Thornton for Director of Events and Services

As students, our time is naturally limited, so I’ll try to be brief. From reading this document, I hope you get a better understanding of who I am and what I stand for. I’d much rather make rational, responsible goals than make lofty promises that go unaddressed after the election. Suffice to say, I base my image on my results and will only propose what is clearly obtainable. Here are those goals.

A fourth year undergraduate and avid Union enthusiast. I’m also the Senior Student and former Head of Events for University and Whitehorn Halls. This means I have two years of experience in planning and coordinating social, educational and wellbeing events. Managing a £38,000 p/a budget, my team and I are able to provide a variety of fantastic events such as a wild west themed night which featured a mechanical bull. Recently, we held the highly successful University Hall Ball, which involved negotiating transport for approximately 500 attendees. From my wide range of duties and responsibilities, I have a record of sound, fair and effective management. 

1. A Student Union at Student Prices: I will first and foremost advocate for use of the Students’ Association to be as affordable as possible. While the DoES doesn't have a say in much of the Union’s price decisions, I will still be the voice of those who choose the Union because of its value. Within the confines of financial and legal sustainability, I will be a proponent of your wallet.

2. Consistent High-Quality Events: Once you’ve experienced a few years of Union events, it’s clear that each cohort has its own way of doing things. And while variety is usually something to be cherished, variety in quality is not. By examining the methods of our predecessors, we can isolate those that were successful, and discard those that weren’t. While big-name events are always great, we don’t need to get Kristian Nairn in every week for the Union to be good. Even themed nights in the Main Bar could be a middle ground between going to a pub, and going to the Bop. 

3. Fair Ticket Resales: Price-gouging is nothing new in St Andrews, and discussions about ticket resales have been going on for as long as I’ve been a student here. But just because it’s an old problem doesn’t mean there are no solutions. I will communicate with societies, understand what they have tried in the past, and work with them to find a solution that benefits the average person, not the scalpers. 

4. Publicising of All Aspects of the Students’ Association: Most of us know and love the Union at night, but fewer people know its other services. For example, if they want to start a society, there is a convenient place to meet; Club 601 can be booked for an event; or even that the Main Bar serves decent, affordable food all day long. By making these better known, we'll increase revenue and boost engagement.

5. Safe and Responsible Practices: The building currently features ‘Got Consent’ posters, and this is exactly the way to encourage responsibility and safety. The cards above the library hand dryers are another good example. It’s important that people feel respected and treated with dignity, and simple advertising is often very effective. We’re fortunate to live in a safe place, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for precaution. I will push to maintain these advertisements, as well as to branch out in scope.