Hannah Jacobs

From the first day of Freshers to the end of July, the students’ voices will be heard. I will work with key people to open up Union events to societies, and all sections of the St Andrean community. With over 300 hours dedicated to making events happen, I bring experience, passion, and knowledge to the role of DoES.

A More Diverse Freshers’ Week

Last year, I led the Ents Crew in running one of 601’s most successful Freshers’ Weeks to date. This year I want to build on this and organise a Freshers’ Week that caters to a wide audience – a mix of classic nights St Andrews loves, like the Bop and Clan Warfare for the party goers, as well as fresh club nights with guests, comedy, ceilidhs, and live music for people looking for an alternative night out. This diversification of events and music will continue throughout the year as I look to involve student movements in the Union to make it truly accessible to everyone.

Freshen up Beacon Bar

Beacon Bar has huge potential to be the place to be if you want a cocktail in St Andrews, however it is not currently reaching it’s full potential. There are a multitude of possibilities for the space I’m planning to look into; from changing up the decor to completely ripping it out and creating a new space to display student art alongside delicious cocktails. Student consultation would be an integral part of the redevelopment process to make the space somewhere students really want to go.

Keep the Bop Great

This year Taryn has completely re-energised the Bop with numbers reaching that of 5 years ago. I will build on this by maintaining themed Bops (with exciting new ones), budgeting for impressive decorations, visuals, innovative tech, and freebies. With my technical experience as Ents Convenor I know what’s possible in the space and have the logistical awareness to make this happen. It is important to continue making the Bop a staple of a St Andrean student’s week.

Collaboration is Key

Collaborations with student societies have been particularly successful this year, and I will continue this. Expanding collaborations to societies who perhaps don’t turn to the union first would make it truly accessible to all sections of the university. I will streamline the process for societies to book events in the union, and improve communication within the Union, and between societies and subcommittees to make running events easier and stress-free.

Food and Drink for All

The Students’ Association should be a hub for students. As such, I plan to keep drinks and food prices low and affordable. On top of this, I will look into introducing more vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to the menu in both the Main Bar and Rector’s Café.