Christopher Wilde

Manifesto - Christopher Wilde

Director of Education (DoEd)

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Personal Statement


I am a third year English and Management student who has represented the Student’s Association in local University issues, negotiating accommodation for commuting students, and nationally, giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament on Widening Access for students with disabilities. I have also previously worked within a University, at Queen Margaret in Edinburgh handling Accommodation.

My vision for the Director of Education role is simple; Transparency. 

The University has a great reputation for delivering change and is willing to adjust its practices based on student feedback and input. Sadly, this does not always equate to a good experience and I want to improve the communication between the University and the students with this in mind.

I want to ensure that your Feedback from assignments is available online and in one place, making it easier for you to see what could be improved and what you have done well on. I want to provide you with feedback from University and Class Rep surveys so that you can easily see what changes are being made and you know that the information you provide is going towards achievable goals.

I will make sure that all paper hand ins for assignments ends. It is not an environmentally friendly, nor efficient use of student time when electronic means are available. I will also encourage Lecturer’s and Tutors to make themselves available through Skype, offer module FAQ’s, informational welcome videos and clear information about what office hours are for and the benefits of them on their module information portals and ensure that there is one portal for student information, Moodle.

Postgraduate information must be available in good time for all students arriving also. As well as ensuring that their hours worked on teaching and marking are fully paid and reasonable. Training for all Postgraduate teachers must also be available from all schools in a timely manner.

I have over fifteen years of experience in a variety of roles and industries and I am firmly placed both in skill and passion to be your new Director of Education.

Thank you

Christopher Wilde



Director of Education
  • Weekly Live Q&A session of Facebook
  • Respond to emails from students within 24 hours
  • Fortnightly visits to all halls
  • Bookable Office Hours and Skype availability
Class Representatives
  • One to One meeting with all Class Representatives in the first four weeks of their election.
  • Class Presidents to meet all Class Representatives at the start and end of every semester
  • Class Surveys results to be online and accessible to students
  • Meet Directors of Teaching for all Schools prior to September to discuss support for students and ensure consistency for Class Representatives and Class Presidents
  • Ensure Class Representatives for all Evening Degree Modules
  • Increase visibility of Class Representatives on Students Association Website, Moodle and School websites to encourage engagement
  • Increase available Class Representation information in the Prospectus
  • Improve visibility of the Class Rep awards
  • Review Class Representative training prior to September 2018
Student Contact Initiatives
  • Skype availability of Tutors during Office Hours
  • Online booking for normal Tutor Office hours
  • Information for all students about the purpose of Tutor Office hours
  • School welcome videos for students to get to know the Schools prior to arrival
  • Online FAQ’s for all modules
  • Reduce Paper hand ins on all modules
  • Feedback portal on Moodle for all coursework
  • Offer check up meetings for students who haven’t contacted tutors 
  • Focused educational CAPOD information on Moodle modules and creating more Skills Days for individual schools
Continuous Monitoring
  • Ensure that the University is consistently aware of the December exam diet dates to ensure that it lies a reasonable time from Christmas
  • Conduct a review of study space availability and uptake (Including Eden Campus study space proposals)
  • Provide more information for students on the Eden Campus and Library Refurbishment plans
  • Work with the University Schools to ensure a maximum uptake of Lecture Capture



  • Ensure that Handbooks are provided in a reasonable time for all Schools
  • Ensure a comprehensive mentoring scheme for all Schools
  • Make feedback from previous years available for students to access
  • Visa – Accommodation – Acceptance Cycle is robust and timely reducing delays and anxiety for incoming students
  • Encourage inter school events
  • Class Representative preparation meetings
  • Review Class Representative Training prior to September 2018
  • Teaching experience and time given for marking is sufficient and compensated fairly
  • Ensure sufficient training is given for marking and teaching across all Schools
  • Student Services and Student Association reach out to all PGR’s to reduce loneliness and encourage engagement



  • Work with Careers to seek out more opportunities for internships 
  • Careers Fairs for more career options (Like the Arts Fair)
  • Work with Careers to promote and highlight opportunities, such as the mentoring scheme and Internships
  • To push for funding opportunities for students who require financial support to allow them access to mentoring and Internships