Alice Foulis

Manifesto - Alice Foulis

Director of Education (DoEd)

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Hello! I’m Alice and I would love to be your next Director of Education.

I am in the third year of my Modern History degree, and hold the position of School President of History. This role has given me a vast cache of skills and experience in academic representation on a wide scale, representing over 1,000 students to a large staff body. As Director of Education, I would relish the opportunity to utilise these skills and experiences to represent all of us students to the staff. I will always back students in university relations and want to know how each of you feel on university issues that affect you. This would include reporting back to you, giving you more involvement, and increasing awareness on all relevant university affairs.

The three main areas I would love to work on for you as DoEd, are efficient learning, postgraduates affairs, and academic representation.

I believe my manifesto is both achievable and beneficial to all students. Thank you for reading!

Efficient Learning

  • Streamline extension policy across schools, to create a more efficient and stress-free system. This would allow for a quicker turnaround between requesting an extension and being able to provide a doctor’s note.
  • Look at potential problems created by increased class sizes, particularly at honours and postgraduate level, to ensure that these do not affect the student experience negatively.
  • Work with the Careers Centre on new pop-up stalls within schools, that can give immediate and subject-specific careers information to students and refer them to relevant advisors.
  • Continue to work with schools on lecture capture, ensuring staff are aware of training available to them and that students know this can be an option.
  • Work with Directors of Teaching across the university to streamline exam feedback sessions, particularly at honours level, to ensure students have the opportunity to break down their exam.
  • Work with Directors of Teaching to streamline coursework feedback into comprehensive, informative feedback sheets - ensuring students can understand the mark received and know where to move forward from there.
  • Ensure module handbooks across the university are fully informed, and contain relevant information on staff students can contact in different situations that may occur. This includes making school handbooks easily accessible and up-to-date.
  • Introduce used textbook stands in schools, where students can donate textbooks they no longer need. This also allows the chance for honours students to give friendly advice to younger students on modules and module reading.
  • Work with Directors of Teaching on school websites, to create informative pages for potential/incoming students that contains relevant information.
  • Create university-wide mentoring schemes - using the valuable resources that can be found in CAPOD to introduce mentoring schemes in each school.
  • Ensure students are aware of the resources available to them if they are struggling academically - including the possibility of one-to-one meetings with tutors and a representative of CAPOD, as well as skills-workshops across schools.

Academic Representation

  • Implement an open door policy and concrete office hours for all to come in and chat at anytime, as well as a guarantee to always respond to emails within 24 hours. This will ensure I would be always available for everyone.
  • Work with School Presidents and Class Representatives to ensure a positive and effective working relationship - maintaining the high standard of academic representation in St Andrews.
  • Work closely with School Presidents to help them organise inter-school events (such as linked careers events and visiting days).
  • Work with School Presidents to ensure their Class Reps feel involved with what the presidents are working on, and can take on more responsibility in assisting the presidents with projects.
  • Be there to help the School Presidents and Class Reps whenever they need my assistance, and work with them on any projects they are working on in their schools.
  • Build a community with both School Presidents and Class Reps, to allow for inter-departmental events, and a good working environment.
  • Run the Class Rep elections in semester one.
  • Create an online page on the Union website for School Presidents to regularly share updates on what they are working on - allowing transparency and student involvement.
  • Share the School Presidents’ semester one reports online and circulate these through the student body.


Postgraduate Affairs

  • Ensure School Presidents have an appropriate number of postgraduate Class Reps to give postgraduates from across the schools’ programmes a voice.
  • Create an ongoing agenda point for education committee with the School Presidents and postgraduate convenor for postgraduate matters, to ensure they have a platform to air concerns or comments.
  • Work with School Presidents to create postgraduate events in each school that are interesting and engaging, giving postgraduate students the opportunity to build community within each school. This could also be in the field of inter-departmental events, so no students feels restricted exclusively to the school they study in.


Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any questions!