Adam Powrie

Manifesto - Adam Powrie

Director of Events and Services (DoES)

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"From four years behind the Union Bar, to being Head of Events for Szentek, my experience leaves me perfectly placed to be your next DoES!"




"My goal is for students to have the best possible time whilst in St Andrews. I want to broaden the range of acts and events in town; from bigger DJs, to headline comedians, to film screenings in the Quad, I want to provide standout entertainment."



Bringing the Best: I will continue to liaise closely with our affiliated Students' Unions, such as Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow to help facilitate the booking of the biggest and best acts. We can ensure that St Andrews is very much on the radar for acts that are touring throughout the country. As a small university, we have learnt that sometimes our size can affect the acts we are able to get through our doors, but working with other universities can be a way around this Outside Space: The Union also has outside space which, at the moment, is very underutilized. I want students to be able to enjoy all the space the Union has to offer, be it enjoying a beer in the garden on a nice day, to stalls and activities in the courtyard.

Nights Out Wellbeing: I want to work with the Director of Wellbeing, and the Got Consent programme to improve awareness of, and information on, student wellbeing on nights out. I will improve the systems in place for Bar Staff to deal with inappropriate behaviour and to see all members of Bar Staff, ENTS and indeed as many people as possible using the Union venues, receive training from the Got Consent team.


Event Training: Currently, the Union trains Presidents and Treasurers of societies and subcommittees. I want to extend this training to Events Officers from all societies at the start of each academic year. This training would cover event planning guidelines, timescales for events and health and safety ensuring that all students can use the Union to its full potential.

Feedback: I would like to improve the platforms for students to say how they feel about events and Union services. Feedback will be possible through online forums, quick social media polls, and a voting system for societies and students to choose the themes for our BOPs and other club nights. I would look to offer rewards, such as free BOP tickets or vouchers for Rector’s Café, as incentives for leaving feedback.

"As a DJ, I have spent time, working a variety of events in a range of venues. I have loved being DJ Convenor for the Union, Deputy Head of Events for the Charities Campaign and co-organising the Rugby Sevens Afterparty this year. I genuinely believe that I have the right combination of event, commercial and organisational experience to be a great DoES."


Opportunities for All: This year has seen the growth of non-Union affiliated groups holding hugely popular events throughout town, diversifying St Andrews nightlife. I want strengthen these relationships, in order to bring as much variety into the Union as possible.

Contacts: I would like to collate contact details for societies’ and subcommittees’ Events Officers, opening communication channels and making it easier for groups to partner with the DoES throughout the year.

ENTS Crew: Being a member of the ENTS Crew this year has shown me how invaluable their expertise is to create the best possible events. As their line manager, I want to make it easier for both ENTS and societies to work together on all aspects of event organisation such as lighting, stage managing and music.

Advertising and Publicising: Advertising and publicising the various events that we have within the Union throughout the year, whether it be the weekly BOP or our music lounges held in Rectors Café, is hugely important. I will work with our Design and PR Team and STAR Radio to see that all events can be advertised to the student body in a way that makes them sound both appealing and exciting.