School Presidents 2019-2020

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingAngela Crenshaw, Art History School President 2019-2020

Image may contain: 2 people, including Morganne Wilbourne, people smilingMorganne Wilbourne, Biology School President 2019-2020

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I will be the School President of Chemistry for 2019/2020! Charlotte Crowe, Chemistry School President 2019-2020

Image may contain: Joel Moore, outdoorJoel Moore, Classics School President 2019-2020

The Computer Science School President for 2019/20 is Seamus Bonner.Seamus Bonner, Computer Science School President 2019-2020

Hi! I’m Anna Haynes and I am School President of Divinity for 2019/2020.Anna Haynes, Divinity School President 2019-2020

The Earth and Environmental Science School President for 2019/20 is Lot Koopmans.Lot Koopmans, Earth and Environmental Science School President 2019-2020

Hi, I'm Valeria, and I'm your Economics & Finance President for 2019/20!Valeria Ryabchina, Economics and Finance School President 2019-2020

Hello! My name is Callum, I’m a third year English student, and I’m delighted to have to honour to be serving as your School President!Callum Irvine, English School President 2019-2020

Hi! My name is Elisa, I am a fourth year Film Studies student and I am the Film Studies School President for 2019/20.Elisa Jockyman Roithmann, Film Studies School President 2019-2020

Hi, I’m Rhiannon and I’ll be your school president for the 2019/20 academic year!Rhiannon Potts, Geography and SD School President 2019-2020

Image previewEva Scheiwe, Graduate School President 2019-2020

The History School President for 2019/20 is Madeline DeFilippis.Madeline DeFilippis, History School President 2019-2020

Hi! I’m Joe and I’m your School President for International Relations for 2019/20!Joe Horsnell, International Relations School President 2019-2020

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m your Management School President for the 2019/20 academic year!Lauren Archer, Management School President 2019-2020

The Mathematics and Statistics School President for 2019/20 is Beth Barlow.Beth Barlow, Maths and Statistics School President 2019-2020

My name is Nathan and I am the President for the School of Medicine 2019/20!Nathan Titterton, Medicine School President 2019-2020

The Modern Languages School President for 2019/20 is Olle Mjengwa.Olle Mjengwa, Modern Languages School President 2019-2020

Image may contain: 1 personIona Baillie, Music School President 2019-2020

Image may contain: ?1 person, ?outdoor, ?text that says "???"???Ross McArthur, Music School President 2019-2020

The Philosophy School President for 2019/20 is Kyle Van Oosterum.Kyle Van Oosterum, Philosophy School President 2019-2020

Amy in a riverAmy Gallacher, Physics & Astronomy School President 2019-2020

Hi there! My name is Natalia, and I’m your Psychology and Neuroscience School President for the academic year 2019-20.Natalia Zdorovtsova, Psychology & Neuroscience School President 2019-2020

Hi! My name is Katie and I am the School President for the Department of Social Anthropology 2019/2020.Katie Walker, Social Anthropology School President 2019-2020

School Presidents 2018-2019

Meredith Loper, Art History School President 2018-2019

Roisin Gendall, Biology School President, 2018-2019

Ailsa Edward, Chemistry School President 2018-2019

Rebecca Hachamovitch, Classics School President 2018-2019

Martynas Noreika, Computer Science School President 2018-2019

Rachel Miller, Divinity School President 2018-2019

Evan Margerum, Earth and Environmental Science School President 2018-2019

Rachel Williams, Economics and Finance School President 2018-2019

Jessica Armstrong, English School President 2018-2019

Lyndsay Townsend, Film Studies School President 2018-2019

Rhiannon Potts, Geography and SD School President 2018-2019

Sahil Ali, History School President 2018-2019

Katherine Lawlor, International Relations School President 2018-2019

Phillip Caraci, Management School President 2018-2019

Kamilla Rekvenyi, Maths and Statistics School President 2018-2019

Kay McGillivray, Medicine School President 2018-2019

Amy Bretherton, Modern Languages School President 2018-2019

Sophia Rommel, Philosophy School President 2018-2019

Amy Suddards, Physics & Astronomy School President 2018-2019

Winnie Li, Psychology & Neuroscience School President 2018-2019

Rikke Nedergard, Social Anthropology School President 2018-2019


School Presidents 2017-2018

Lily Ratcliff, Art History School President 2017-2018

Erin Philips, Biology School President 2017-2018

Jacob Pepper, Chemistry School President 2017-2018

Julian Frink, Classics School President 2017-2018

Gergely Flamich, Computer Science School President 2017-2018

Cameron Boston-Smith, Divinity School President 2017-2018

Charlotte Gordon, Earth & Environmental Sciences School President 2017-2018

Alison Quinn, Economics & Finance School President 2017-2018

Ellen White, English School President 2017-2018

Gaby Levey, Film Studies School President 2017-2018

Abi Whitefield, Geography & SD School President 2017-2018

Alice Foulis, History School President 2017-2018

Sarah Gharib, International Relations School President 2017-2018

Philip Caraci, Management School President 2017-2018

Andrew Mitchell, Maths & Statistics School President 2017-2018

Carissa Jacobs, Medicine School President 2017-2018

Caitlin MacDonald, Modern Languages School President 2017-2018

Antonia Zimmermann, Philosophy School President 2017-2018

Alisa Danilenko, Physics & Astronomy School President 2017-2018

Gianluca Giammei, Psychology & Neuroscience School President 2017-2018

Rikke Nedergaard, Social Anthropology School President 2017-2018


School Presidents 2016-2017

 Vienna Kim, Art History School President 2016-2017

 Rufus Sullivan, Biology School President 2016-2017

 Zachary Davis, Chemistry School President 2016-2017

 Ruaraidh Maciver, Classics School President 2016-2017

 Robin Nabel, Computer Science School President 2016-2017

 Josh Holloway, Divinity School President 2016-2017

Mikey Van Mourik, Earth and Enviro Science School President 2016-2017

 Maria Barragan, Economics and Finance School President 2016-2017

Anna Sergeeva, ELT School President 2016-2017

 Paddy Cavanagh, English School President 2016-2017

 Kit Klaes, Film Studies and Music School President 2016-2017

 Abi Whitefield, Geography and SD School President 2016-2017

 Madeleine Alexandra Armstrong, History School President 2016-2017

 Jessica Yin, International Relations School President 2016-2017

 Nokolai Rothermel, Managment School President 2016-2017

 Isabella Scott, Mathematics and Statistics School President 2016-2017

Mariella Fortune-Ely, Medicine School President 2016-2017

Oscar Hodgson, Modern Languages School President 2016-2017

 Anna Megan McAlpine, Philosophy School President 2016-2017

 John Weaver, Physics and Astronomy School President 2016-2017

 Yunkai (Jessie) Li, Psychology and Neuroscience School President 2016-2017

 Devon Schindler, Social Anthropology School President 2016-2017


School Presidents 2015-2016

 Lily Barnes, Art History School President 2015-2016

 Amelia Hunter, Biology School President 2015-2016

 Claire BrodieChemistry School President 2015-2016

 Marjan Magharehi, Classics School President 2015-2016

 Maria Kustikova, Computer Science School President 2015-2016

 Tim StackhouseDivinity School President 2015-2016

 Sarah AlexanderEarth & Environmental Sciences School President 2015-16

 Kirsty Mears, Economics and Finance School President 2015-2016

Jesse Galapia, ELT President 2015-2016

 Eilidh Reid, English School President 2015-2016

 Kit KlaesFilm Studies and Music School President 2015-2016

 Nic WellsGeography and SD School President 2015-2016

 Megan BruceHistory School President 2015-2016

Mira BonevaInternational Relations School President 2015-2016

 Louis Fearn, Management School President2015-2016

Raghav Mehra, Mathematics and Statistics School President 2015-2016

 Hussain RajaMedicine School President 2015-2016

 Verity BayntonModern Languages School President 2015-2016

 Sally AllmarkPhilosophy School President 2015-2016

Tomi BaikiePhysics and Astronomy School President 2015-2016

 Deborah Moffett, Psychology and Neuroscience School President 2015-2016

 Imogen Hawley, Social Anthropology School President 2015-2016


School Presidents 2014-2015

 Hannah Chinn, Art History School President 2014-2015

 Louise Cameron, Biology School President 2014-2015

 Rhiann Ferguson, Chemistry School President 2014-2015

 Maxwell Fabiszewski, Classics School President 2014-2015

 Alexey Sazonov, Computer Science School President 2014-2015

 Alex Taylor, Divinity School President 2014-2015

 Katy Relph, Earth and Environmental Sciences School President 2014-2015

 Oliver Harrison, Economics and Finance School President 2014-2015

 Hannah Smith, English School President 2014-2015

 Marcin Kupiecki, Film Studies and Music School President 2014-2015

 George King, Geography and SD School President 2014-2015

 Jack Carr, History School President 2014-2015

 Ainikki Riikonen, International Relations School President 2014-2015

 Yeung Cheung, Management School President 2014-2015

 Kelly Johnston, Mathematics and Statistics School President 2014-2015

 Dawnn Khoo, Medicine School President 2014-2015

 Janine Gallagher, Modern Languages School President 2014-2015

 Eleanor Mullin, Philosophy School President 2014-2015

 Louise McCaul, Physics and Astronomy School President 2014-2015

 Mary Kempnich, Psychology and Neuroscience School President 2014-2015

 Danielle Polemeni-Hegarty, Social Anthropology School President 2014-2015


School Presidents 2013-2014

Art History School President 2013-2014 - Thomas Zier

Biology School President 2013-2014 - Luke Holman

Chemistry School President 2013-2014 - James Gordon

Classics School President 2013-2014 - Maxwell Fabiszewski

Computer Science School President 2013-2014 - Jamie Anderson

Divinity School President 2013-2014 - Yannick Christos-Wahab

Earth and Environmental Sciences School President 2013-2014 - Megan O'Donnell

Economics and Finance School President 2013-2014 - Bulat Khabriev

English School President 2013-2014 - Charlotte Potter

Film Studies and Music School President 2013-2014 - Jessica Snyder

Geography and SD School President 2013-2014 - Daisy Osborne

History School President 2013-2014 - Ewan Bruce

International Relations School President 2013-2014 - Noah Ohringer

Management School President 2013-2014 - David Cihelna

Mathematics and Statistics School President 2013-2014 - Katy Rae

Medicine School President 2013-2014 - Kathryn Yang

Modern Languages School President 2013-2014 - Stefan Conway

Philosophy School President 2013-2014 - Stephanie Staples

Physics and Astronomy School President 2013-2014 - Martha Tabor, Patrick Sandquist (joint)

Psychology and Neuroscience School President 2013-2014 - Mary Kempnich 

Social Anthropology School President 2013-2014 - Antoine Guillame 


School Presidents 2012-2013

Art History School President 2012-2013 - Jana Schuster 

Biology School President 2012-2013 - Stephen McKelvie  

Chemistry School President 2012-2013 - Anna Prentis  

Classics School President 2012-2013 - James Manasseh 

Computer Science School President 2012-2013 - Jonathan Hogg 

Divinity School President 2012-2013 - Joshua Townson  

Economics and Finance School President 2012-2013 - Giulia Donzelli 

English School President 2012-2013 - Jon Ramsay

Film Studies and Music School President 2012-2013 - Hillevi Gustafson

Geography and SD School President 2012-2013 - Edward Morgan

Geosciences, Earth Sciences, Geology School President 2012-2013 - Emma Smith 

History School President 2012-2013 - William Langmuir  

International Relations School President 2012-2013 - Katarina Birkedal 

Management School President 2012-2013 - Christina Kooij 

Mathematics and Statistics School President 2012-2013 - Daniel O'Hara 

Medicine School President 2012-2013 - Alicia Pawluk

Modern Languages School President  2012-2013 - Bianca Russo 

Philosophy School President 2012-2013 - Mike MacFarlane

Physics and Astronomy School President 2012-2013 - Danielle Harper

Psychology and Neuroscience School President 2012-2013 - Giedre Zlatkute 

Social Anthropology School President 2012-2013 - Ines Carradoso