History School President

Hi, I'm Sahil, and I'll be your History President for 2018/19!

Hi, I'm Sahil, and I'll be your History President for 2018/19!

I’m in my third year of studying History at St Andrews, and live down south in Hertfordshire. The two years of studying History that I have already completed have been more fulfilling than I could have hoped, and its given me an important insight into just how broad-church the subject and my fellow students are. To be elected to represent over a thousand students is no easy task, but it is nevertheless a task I am immensely excited about. 

Having gained experience as a liaison between decision-makers and students during my time with the UK Youth Parliament, and motivated by my unequivocal interest in History, I sought election in order to meet 5 main objectives: Improving access to historical works and resources, strengthening ties with the St Andrews History Society, Minimising the impact of disruptions to learning (such as strike action), Introducing a new ‘Students’ Lecture’ and holding more Department events.

However, as History President my primary responsibility is to act as the primary representative of History students at St Andrews, and I would very much like to hear about any issues, suggestions or comments that students have about studying History at St Andrews; please feel free to email me at historypresident@st-andrews.ac.uk should you have any, and I will be sending weekly emails from this email account to make students aware of important events taking place in the near future. I’d also strongly advise all History students to join the St Andrews School of History Students Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/572851389500052/?ref=br_rs

Class Representatives: If you share my interest in History, want to improve students’ experience or simply wish to enhance your CV, I would strongly recommend that you apply to be a Class Rep. These roles will be filled early in each semester, and their occupants play an important role in gathering feedback from their peers and putting forward their own ideas about how the Department may be improved. Additionally, being a Class Rep opens the door to positions such as acting as the Department’s Social, Careers and Library Representatives; I will be emailing about standing to be a Class Rep at the start of each semester, so keep your eyes peeled!

It’s a privilege to be chosen as the President of the School of History for 2018/19, and I look forward to improving both the efficiency of the Department and the experience of its students over the course of the year.


Semester One Report!