History School President

The History School President for 2019/20 is Madeline DeFilippis.

The History School President for 2019/20 is Madeline DeFilippis.

Hi there! My name is Madeline, I am a fourth year Modern History and Art History student, and I could not  be more pleased to be the 2019/2020 History School President!

From Careers events to mental health services, I aim to make our School as supportive and enjoyable as possible. For a start, I am planning Alumni events, and coffee events with School lecturers and tutors. I also hope to engage Postgraduate students and integrate UG students and Lifelong and Flexible Learners so that everyone feels welcome in our community. The History Society and I will also be working together this year, and History and Classics will of course put on our fabulous Ides Ball in March! I also have a number of academic goals this year, among them is increased participation in the Academic Skills Sessions and in student feedback for our SSCC (Student-Staff Consultative Committee) meetings.

However, I can’t do all of this without your help! That’s why I encourage everyone to run to be a Class Representative once we start our term. Being a Class Rep not only provides you with representative experience, it is also a fabulous way to get involved with the union, meet your peers, and make a difference in your school (Oh, and it looks great on your CV!). SSCC meetings are crucial to improving student experience and communication within our School.

Additionally, I hope that all returning students and any newly matriculated students will look into becoming part of our UG and PG Mentorship Schemes! These are informal schemes which provide peer matching within the School of History – this allows you to have a ‘buddy’ who can show you the ins and outs of the School. Although it is not an academic partnership, it is a wonderful way to connect with current students and receive advice about the things you are most concerned!

Finally, please feel free to contact me about any questions, comments, and concerns you might have and I will do my best to answer your question or direct you to someone who can.


Have a look below at our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and sign up to be a mentor! Mentees, you’ll have to wait until late August to sign up to be a mentee.


Thank you, and I can’t wait to see you this year!


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