History School President

The History School President for 2019/20 is Geraint Morgan.

The History School President for 2019/20 is Geraint Morgan.

Hello! I’m Geraint Morgan, a fourth year Medieval History student, and School president for 2020/1. I’m from Bridgend, South Wales, and my main interests are in social, cultural and environmental histories of the high middle ages. Alongside the class reps which are elected each September, my job is to represent you, and to be an advocate for any concerns which you might have. I’m here to make the department better. I’m particularly interested in improving the diversity of the department and its curricula, as well as making sure that despite current restrictions that your experience in 2020/1 is as good as it can be.

I’m accessible either on the official email (historypresident@) or (if for whatever reason I haven’t got back to you – I’ll try not to do this!) my personal email (gjm24@). I’m here to represent what you think, so please tell me! If you're also interested in improving the student experience in 2020/1, or just want to come to meetings where I'll bring free cake, please do nominate yourselves in September!

Finally, here's the department's Facebook and Twitter. 

Facebook group for students : 'St Andrews School of History Students' (I don't know how to link it, I'm a historian not a Compsci student ??!)

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