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  • Education Discretionary Fund offered by the Students' Association for School Presidents and Class Reps to promote academic representation.
  • Funding from your School for projects that encourage student-staff interaction and support the learning & teaching experience - ask your School President for more details.
  • The University also has some money available for student and staff projects via the Teaching Development Fund and the Enhancement Theme Fund for "Student Transitions". For more details visit the University website.
  • Teaching Development Fund (TDF): for collaborative projects that will have a positive impact on learning and teaching. These must be staff-led but student involvement is encouraged.

Enhancement Theme Fund for Student Transitions (ET)

In September 2014, the University embarked on a 3-year Enhancement Theme project to identify key transitions encountered by students during their time at University and enhance the support currently in place for these transitions. Consultation with students and staff during the first year of the theme identified the following strategic priorities for review and development across the University:

1.       The transition from student to professional

2.       Transition through collaborative programmes

3.       The transition from taught postgraduate study to research postgraduate study.

A range of activities are planned for 2015-16 and 2016-17 to enhance these transitions – please visit the Current Enhancement Theme page for further information. If you have any feedback or would like to get involved, I’d be delighted to hear from you in my capacity as project lead.

In addition to work being carried out at institutional level by the Enhancement Theme team, staff and students across the University are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for events, initiatives and projects that aim to support and enhance a student transition into, during or out of a programme of study and the university. Funding of up to £500 is available – please see the attached poster or funding guidance for further details.

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