All of our Class Representatives receive training from the Director of Education that is supported by the Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development (CAPOD). They should watch a training video prior to the training. Our Postgraduate Representatives are trained by the PG Academic Convenor with support from CAPOD. All Class Reps, including returning ones, are required to attend the core training sessions.

The core training is supported by three expansion packs that focus on the following issues:

  • Library and learning resources
  • Building a social community
  • Minute-taking

These trainings are mandatory for, respectively, Library Reps, Social Reps, and Secretary Reps. Other class reps are welcome to attend these trainings for their personal development.


training resources

Class Reps Training Video 2017/18 (mandatory for all UG Reps). The in-person training will give for granted that Class Reps already have knowledge of the topics covered in the video.


Class Rep Handbook
Class Rep Training Slides
Postgraduate Rep Handbook
Postgraduate Rep Training Slides (2017/18)

Expansion Pack Material

Library Rep Training Slides (2017/18)
Minute Taking Training Slides (2017/18)
Social Rep Training Slides (2017/18)

Case Studies

Class Rep Case Studies Problems


Training Schedule

The Class Rep training schedule is as follows for 2017/18. Make sure to sign up through CAPOD's Personal Development Management System by following the link.

Core Class Rep training for undergraduates. You are only required to attend one session. You should watch the flipped-classroom training video before attending the core training session:

Dates to be announced for 2018/19 in due course

Core PG Rep training. You are only required to attend one session:

Dates to be announced for 2018/19 in due course

Show me the Evidence! Data Collection for Class Reps:

Dates to be announced for 2018/19 in due course

Class Rep Expansion Pack training:

Dates to be announced for 2018/19 in due course