Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf Tickets


Date: 25th & 26th April           Time: 7:30pm          Location: The Barron          Ticket cost: £5


Description: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf begins with long-married couple George and Martha returning home after a drunken party, shortly before newly-weds Nick and Honey arrive at their house for a drink. As the evening draws on, this new, seemingly idyllic couple is dragged into the bizarre social games keeping George and Martha’s, spite-filled marriage alive as the lines between fact and fiction are blurred.

Please note tickets for this event are £5, please pay at the door. Your online ticket will only reserve you a space. Online tickets for this event are available until 4pm on the day of the event.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, Thursday 25th April


Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, Friday 26th April