Honorary Life Memberships

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership is awarded by the Students’ Association to individuals in recognition of their outstanding contributions to enhancing the St Andrews student experience.

Honorary Life Membership is not something that the Students’ Association bestows lightly and the Executive Committee will be looking for evidence that they have shown outstanding ability and determination in their appropriate field.

There are strict criteria on which Honorary Life Memberships are granted:

(1)       That the nominee is a graduating student

(2)       That they have contributed in no small way to:

a.         One particular activity over a number of academic years

b.         A large number of activities in one academic year

(3)       That they are in good standing with the Students’ Association i.e. they are not currently banned or facing disciplinary action by the Students’ Association


It should be noted that only around fifty Honorary Life Memberships will be awarded in any academic session.

In addition to receiving an Honorary Life Membership, one outstanding service award, the Sandy Mackenzie Award, is annually awarded to one member of the Association. Dedicated to our late Bar Manager, this award is given to a student who has truly gone above and beyond in their activity/activities and to the Association.


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