That's Union: The Future

This week the Union tried something a little different; an experiment in raising awareness which was frankly something that we have never tried before. We wanted to fundamentally change the approach taken on educating the student body about what it is we do, and while the official campaign is coming to an end there is still more work to be done. Creating a culture in which students recognize the importance of the Union is not a one week task, but we have to begin somewhere, and this campaign was an excellent platform to begin the transition to a better informed student body. In the months to come we hope that students will continue to engage with union events and activities, and explore opportunities to get involved. At the end of the day the strength of the Union is built on student ambition.

We’ll keep working on new ways to help facilitate student creativity and ingenuity, but we hope that this campaign has taught you that creating your own opportunity is always an option. That’s Union has truly been about initiative; to take the first step and find out more about not only what the Union can do for you, but most importantly what you can do for the Union to give back to your fellow students. It only takes a bit of effort to make real change, and the future of the Union lies in the hands of the students.

Students have a great opportunity to get involved in just a weeks’ time. In week 8 the students of St Andrews will be electing a new Rector. The Rector serves as a student advocate on the highest governing body of the University, and we get to decide who that person will be for the next three years. Running a candidate, joining a campaign team, or even simply voting in the election are three great ways for you to have your voice heard, and we encourage all students to participate.

Awareness goes a long way to improving the Union, even just voting in the spring elections can have a huge impact. It’s up to you to determine your own level of engagement, but however you decide to interact know that it has a positive impact on the community, and improving the lives of your fellow students, well, that’s Union.