Tania: Why The Union Matters To Me

I am Tania and I am currently the SRC Postgraduate Convenor. I got involved with the Union and the Postgraduate Society in my second year here in St Andrews. With only 1,500 students we are a rather small community of postgrads within an already small University. The more important it is for us to build a community, make our voice heard and organize events, especially over the summer. Joining the Postgraduate Society was a great way for me to get involved with these aspects of Union life and I’ve enjoyed putting on events. Besides strengthening the postgrad community through social events, the main focus of my work has been academic representation and expanding the class rep system to include postgraduate reps on all levels to ensure that the postgrad voice is heard within the Schools and the University as well. I am very excited that we have 84 postgrad reps trained this year who are all keen to improve their cohort’s experience.

Working with other people who are just as enthusiastic and keen to make a difference is actually one of my favorite parts of my role. It is great to meet so many people with amazing ideas and learn about all the great things students put on for students. As a member of the Students’ Representative Council, I have the opportunity to work with the Sabbatical Officers and the other Council members and learn about their projects and initiatives. The one message to take away from this work, especially for postgrads, is that everyone is always welcome to join, help out or simply attend anything that’s going on. We are a diverse student population and everyone contributing to the Students’ Association reflects that. If you think that something is not going well or that something is missing, get involved and change it. There are always people here to support you and are just as keen to make the student experience here just that bit better. You might end up spending more time in the Union than in your classroom but even if not, you will gain new skills, meet great people and feel more of a part of this University by contributing to the experience.

Written by Tania Strützel - SRC Postgraduate Convenor