That's Union Has Arrived!

Written by Joseph F. Tantillo - Association Chair. 21/10/14

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the Union actually does? How about asking the question what is the SRC, or why do societies have to become affiliated? You’re not alone. For quite a long time I was in the same boat as many of you might be. I was once a first year, fresh off the plane from the U.S. with absolutely no clue about what a Student Union was or why it was important. For most of my time as a fresher, it was no more than just a place to go out on a Friday night. It didn’t seem that important to me, and no one ever really tried to explain it. I had no idea that the Union wasn’t a part of the University, or that it was run by student officers, or that it was an independent charity, but here I am three years later, the Chair of the Association, and it’s now my job to know everything about the Union’s structure and laws. Honestly though, going from uninformed to well informed really wasn’t too difficult. But I did have quite a bit of help along the way and a lot of friends who were involved. I wanted to know more, but I wish that it would have been easier to understand the Union from the first day I arrived in St Andrews.

That brings us to this week. It shouldn’t take an intricate network of involved friends to find out about how the Union works. This is why we’re launching the That’s Union campaign. The reality is that there are quite a few students who simply don’t understand how the Union works, and we want to change that because every student has the right to know how their Union can work for them. However, this week isn’t simply about putting information out there and just expecting everyone to read it. We want you all to understand why we are so passionate about the Union and hopefully our passion will help you to get excited about getting involved. Most importantly we want to make the learning process as fun and as simple as possible. So read our fun fact tweets, and ask our volunteers questions. We at the Union are here to serve the students, but you can help us do our jobs better by giving feedback and taking an interest in what’s happening. So give the Union a bit of your time this week and find out more about what we do. Who knows, you just might love it and find yourself running for a position in the spring!  

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Written by Joe Tantillo - Association Chair