sa board

The Students' Association is run by students, for students. The Students' Association Board, a thirteen-member body with a student majority, is the supreme governing body of the Association. It is responsible for maintaining the financial and legal integrity of the Students' Association. It sets the annual budget and determines the long-term strategic direction of the Association. 

A full list of the powers of the trustees, and the procedure for the selection of our Board members, can be found in the Students' Association Constitution.


Chair of Board - David Scott     

Lay Member - Jacqueline Cassidy

Association Chair - Ruaridh MacIver

SRC Senior Officer - Lorraine Callaghan

Director of Education - Zachary Davis

Association President - Lewis Wood

SSC Senior Officer - Pia Szabo

Lay Member -  Debbie MacCallum

Vice Principal (Proctor) -Professor Lorna Milne

Director of Student Development & Activities - Charlotte Flatley

Director of Events & Services - Hannah Jacobs

Lay Member - David Stihler

University Director of Finance - Andy Goor 

Director of Wellbeing - Claire Shirey