The Director of Events and Services (DoES) is in charge of events, commercial services and venue management.

The Director of Events and Services (DoES) is in charge of events, commercial services and venue management.


Hello! My name is Mika Schmeling and I am your Director of Events and Services for 2019/20. As the DoES, I manage the venues, commercial spaces and entertainment schedule for the building. If you have any questions or queries regarding events or bookings please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!

twitter: @StADoES


Entertainment Schedule

Primarily, I work on the entertainment schedule within the building - from our nights in Freshers' Week to our regular weekly events throughout the year. I book acts, organise logistics, and work on decorating and theming the venues (or the building) to make sure we can deliver as high quality events as possible.

Friday nights sees the return of our age old branded night "the Bop", where we have the best of Top 40 pop, and a different theme every week. Highlights from last year include "Rewind" and "David AttenBop" - and this year we will keep on this great tradition.

This year will also see the return of our Friday night Karaoke in Sandy's Bar, pub quizzes with cash prizes, and much more to keep you entertained.


Another part of my role is managing booking of Club 601 and our main bar spaces. If you’d like to look into hiring one of these spaces please fill out a booking form on the above link or if you'd like more information please email me at does@.


Commercial Services

My role with commercial services is to work alongside our commercial manager to plan strategy and act as an advocate to ensure they continue to be both what students want and can afford. This includes our new bar drinks deals, drinks promotions, food promotions and so on. As part of this I also work to offer the students perspective on Rector’s Café and Your Shop.



Students are at the heart of everything we do. The groups of students I work most closely with are my subcommittees who have roles that work directly within the union and for its students.

I work very closely with the Ents Crew, who are a team of volunteers, upon whom all of our events rely heavily on, from Freshers’ Week to the last dance of the year. They make all of our events look and sound as good as possible, including lighting design, sound engineering and less technical operations such as decoration. They also include a selection of our resident DJs who perform weekly in the main bar and Club 601.

I also work closely with the Design and PR Team who promote events in a range of student-led projects. Any student is welcome to join any of these with no experience required, giving you the opportunity to shape events and get out to your fellow students. Both groups also support society events so get involved as much as you can.

I also work closely with Mermaids, the Barron manager, Music is Love, STAR radio and On The Rocks to help them put on fantastic events for you, the student body.

I am in my role as a sabbatical officer because I was elected to do so. This means that not only am I passionate about the role but I am doing this for you, the students! I want to support you in any ideas you have for socials, events, or whatever. So please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, send me emails, tweet me, or just pop by and ask about bars and events and I’ll be happy to help.