Sex and Contraception

The Students' Association participates in NHS Fife's condom distribution scheme. Free condoms, oral dams, and lube are available to any student from the Students' Association, night and day: ask at Reception. Free condoms and lube are also available from your hall condom reps. Each Hall should have a minimum of one male and one female condom distributor - check with your Hall committee for details.

The NHS operates a student-only Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic (SHACC) every Tuesday during term time. This clinic is located in the Clinical Skills Area, Level 3 in the School of Medicine Building, North Haugh. More information can be found here.

The SHACC offers a variety of services: routine contraception, pills, the patch, condoms; routine STI screens for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV; and pregnancy testing. Student with symptoms cannot be seen at this clinic; such individuals need to call 01592 647979 for an appointment.

Keep It or Cancel It! - If you are no longer able to make your appointment, please call 01592 647979 to cancel.

It is recommended that anyone under 25 years old who is sexually active take an STI test every year. It's free, easy, and confidential.

For more information about sexual health visit