Got Limits?

Got Limits is a student initiative working to promote health and safety awareness around alcohol and drugs, and ensure our community is welcoming and inclusive. It is part of StAnd Together, an initiative connected to both the Union and the University that focuses on student wellbeing and mutual support. Got Limits runs training workshops for committees, shares resources, and holds events where all students can fully enjoy the St Andrews social scene whilst feeling safe, comfortable, and included.

Training Workshops

We run alcohol awareness training workshops for committees of sports teams, societies, halls of residence, and other student groups, tailored towards learning how to hold inclusive and safe events. The St Andrews social scene is fun and exciting, and every student deserves to be able to enjoy events and activities in the community.

Our main training period runs in the weeks leading up to the start of each semester (late August - early September for Semester 1, and January for Semester 2). We may run make-up or ad-hoc workshops during the semester depending upon committee capacity and student interest. If you'd like to be contacted about further training opportunities this semester, you can register your interest through our training interest form.

Projects & Events

We aim to create spaces where all students can feel safe, comfortable, and included whilst having a good time. This can include alcohol-free events, low-alcohol activities, and spaces that involve alcohol in a safe and inclusive way.

Examples of events we have held or plan to hold: movie nights, mocktail mixing masterclasses, film watch parties with drinking games, mug decorating, karaoke, game nights, ‘pub’ quizzes, Mario Kart tournaments, and more.

Get Involved

Applications are open for Workshop Coordinators, Publicity Officers, and Events Officers on the 2022-23 GotLimits Committee! You can read role descriptions to find out more, and you can fill out an application form to apply. Applications will remain open until positions are filled.



  • Alcohol Change UK has a page with information about low-risk drinking guidelines, and also has quizzes you can take to see how healthy or unhealthy your alcohol habits are.
  • We Are With You has a comprehensive page with info and advice on a range of topics about dealing with alcohol/drug problems, and they also have several online tools to help you with recovery.
  • Smart Recovery has support groups all over the UK, currently held over Zoom.
  • Talk to Frank is a website full of resources about drug abuse, including what to do to help an individual who is struggling with drug abuse. You can call their 24/7 helpline at 0300 123 6600, text 82111 with questions, or send an email for advice and help.
  • Drinkline is the national alcohol helpline run by the NHS. You can call if you are worried about your own or another person’s drinking. Calling is free and confidential, at 0300 123 1110 on weekdays 9am to 8pm and weekends 11am to 4pm.