Director of Events & Services

Milo smiles in his black gown. The gown is faced gold with the Association and University crests emblazoned.

Milo designs and implements events for students by students.

About the Role

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I am Milo Hill, the Director of Events and Services at the Students' Association. As the Director of Events and Services (DoES), I have the exciting responsibility of planning and implementing an incredible entertainment schedule for the Association. Not only that, but I also play a crucial strategic role in our commercial services.

My primary focus is on creating unforgettable experiences for students. I work tirelessly to provide excellent commercial services and organize events that students will cherish forever. In my role as a trustee of the Students' Association, I oversee all its functions as a charity and proudly represent the student body.

Here are some of my key responsibilities:

  1. Organizing Entertainments and Events: I take overall responsibility for planning and organizing various events, including Freshers' Week, Refreshers' Week, Graduation Ball, and weekly events at our Union building. I ensure that these events are engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

  2. Promotion and Publicity: I work closely with our Design and Marketing Manager to ensure that all our events and services receive suitable publicity. By effectively promoting our offerings, we can reach a wider audience and make a lasting impact.

  3. Collaboration with External Bodies: I regularly liaise with external bodies, including the University, to address event-related issues and coordinate commercial services. Building strong relationships with these entities is crucial for the success of our initiatives.

  4. Venue Bookings: As the Director of Events and Activities, I hold overall responsibility for managing bookings in our Association venues. This ensures that our events run smoothly and that all logistical aspects are well-coordinated.

  5. Student Representation and Input: I actively gather input from the student body to develop a strategic overview of our commercial services and activities. Alongside the Operations Manager, I contribute to decision-making processes and represent the interests of students.

  6. Committee Management: I act as the line manager for several committees, including the Entertainments Committee (Ents), Broadcasting Committee (STAR), Music Fund, Arts Festival (OTR), and Performing Arts Committee (Mermaids). 

  7. Discipline Committee: I act as chair and convenor for the Discipline Committee, this is where appeals are heard for disciplinary actions given out by the Students' Association.

As a dedicated member of the Students' Association team, I actively collaborate with other sabbatical officers to create a supportive and engaging environment for all students.

I am truly passionate about providing exceptional events and services for our student community. With my expertise and commitment, I strive to make your time at our Association truly memorable. Feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions, ideas, or feedback.

Achievments 2022-2023

Here are a few of my achievement from this past year:

  • Helped create a technical department in the Union allowing the Union to provide events with reliable high-quality tech as well as support the students who provide these services
  • Ensured a price freeze on all entry and drink prices - with the cost-of-living crisis, I have worked hard to ensure prices are not raised throughout the year 
  • Work to diversify night-time offering - I have reintroduced 'Beats and Bargains', I have also worked with Jazzworks to ensure they feel supported to be able to continue delivering the weekly Jazz Jams
  • Introduced drinks deals on Saturday through Tuesday nights to provide cheaper options on a night out
  • Created the ‘Pause’ collaboration initiative, working with student groups to bring club nights catered to student interest at no cost to the group 
  • Increased the availability of cloakroom volunteering as a way for student groups to raise money
  • Ensured Sinners feel unique - by working with both the Union and Sinners teams to make Sinners different with new layout, special drinks, and themes 
  • New Sound System in 601 - I have supported the proposal and approval of a new sound system for 601 and StAge, which will hopefully be installed this year when the venue reopens - this will increase the quality of the events in the venue and allow us to promote the Union
  • Bop Themes decided by students by using submissions to the online suggestions page - I have produced Bops that students what to see Organised a successful series of one off events, including Freshers and Refreshers as well as REWIND, Halloween and Winter Wonderland I have organised many well attended events


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J20-22: Motion to update the Association Discipline Procedure

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