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Postgraduate Activities Officer

Hi! I'm Zaine Mansuralli, your SAF Postgraduate Activities Officer for 2020/21.

[email protected]

Postgraduate Society


About my position

As Postgraduate Society President, I lead the Postgraduate Society Committee and represent Postgraduate opinion on the Student Activities Forum (SAF). Through working with the Postgraduate Society Committee and the Student Activities Forum, I work to ensure Postgraduates have a fun, social and inclusive experience at St Andrews.

How my position affects you

For postgraduates, my position plays an important role in building a fun and inclusive postgraduate community that we can all enjoy and feel part of. As an SAF position, my role is also relevant to the wider student body through building a bridge between Postgraduates and all SAF subcommittees as well as generally assisting the (SAF).

About me

I’m an M.Litt Strategic Studies student from Pinner in England, though I have lived in St Andrews since 2017 when I started my undergraduate degree in Ancient History. Outside of my degree and volunteering, you can find me discussing the the tactics of Starfleet command or the merits of Ciceronian philosophy over a pint as well as taking advantage of the myriad of student activities that St Andrews has to offer.

Groups I lead

I'm the President of Postgraduate Society, and sit on the SAF. Check out PG Soc's Facebook and Twitter for updates.


Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Zaine Mansuralli


2020/21 Sam Ross


2019/20 Blake Purchase


2018/19 Cameron Rice


2017/18 Jennifer Bre


2016/17 Lauchlan Hall


2015/16 Aline Heyerick


2014/15 David van Brussel


2013/14 Scott Schorr


2012/13 Danielle Berrow