Postgraduate Activities Officer

Hi! I'm Sam Ross, your SAF Postgraduate Activities Officer for 2020/21.


Postgraduate Society


About my position

As Postgraduate Society President I'm responsible for overseeing the Postgraduate Society Committee and representing Postgraduate opinion on the Student Activities Forum (SAF). As President, I give a helping hand wherever I can by liaising with other student leaders at the Students' Association and on the Committee, and brainstorm alongside our events officers to create a fun and social environment for Postgraduates in St Andrews!

How my position affects you

I like to think that student leaders are elected because their peers believe that they will implement ideas as they see fit, but will also listen to ideas from the broader student population and respond to demand. That said, I'm here to listen! If there is an event you would like to see come to life, or there is a specific issue about postgraduate life in St Andrews that you think should have some attention, bring it to me and my committee. One thing I'm especially passionate about is connecting postgraduates, both taught and research focused, to extra-curricular activities. It's not only a great CV booster, but a wonderful way to meet new people, and is one of my favourite aspects of St Andrews.

About me

I'm originally from Morayshire, towards the top end of Scotland, but have since moved around a little bit and settled in Crail, around 20 minutes from St Andrews. I completed my Undergraduate in St Andrews, am reaching the tailend of my MRes, and will be starting my PhD in Management Studies in September. It's safe to say I don't plan on leaving St Andrews any time soon! I've always been passionate about student involvement and development. During my Undergraduate I interned with various professional service units across the University whilst also volunteering with local charities, subcommittees and societies - it definitely helped me come out of my shell and I can't imagine having studied anywhere else.

Groups I lead

I'm the President of Postgraduate Society, and sit on the SAF. Check out PG Soc's Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 (Vacant)

2020/21 Sam Ross

2019/20 Blake Purchase

2018/19 Cameron Rice

2017/18 Jennifer Bre

2016/17 Lauchlan Hall

2015/16 Aline Heyerick

2014/15 David van Brussel

2013/14 Scott Schorr

2012/13 Danielle Berrow