Philosophy School President

Hi! I'm Rachel Neighbour, your Philosophy School President for 2020/21.



About me

I’m from East Lothian (just a bit South of Edinburgh from St Andrews), and I’m heading into my fourth year of single honours philosophy. As your School President I’ll be working, with the help of your Class Reps, to represent the Philosophy School’s student voice. I’m excited to be in this role and to do as good a job of it as I can!

This coming academic year is going to be pretty different from the usual style of university, and as such my aims as president are in line with these new challenges of dual delivery/remote learning. I will be focusing a lot on improving the school’s sense of community, with a particular emphasis on creating a better online presence for the school so that all students – even those who cannot physically be in St Andrews – will feel connected to the school and to their peers.

Other areas I aim to work on include: improving the diversity on module reading lists, running (online or in person) careers events, and making sure the feedback we get from students is always being listened to and used effectively.

Please get in touch with me any time about any concerns, ideas, feedback, good jokes, etc that you may have! I want to hear from you! You can reach me at PhilosophyPresident@.

And there’s useful info on the school website too: