German Convenor

Hi! I'm Eva Halliday, your German Convenor for 2020/21.


About me

Hallo zusammen! I am a 4th/5th year studying International Relations and German, I am also a member of loads of clubs from Volleyball to GerSoc.

You’re most likely to find me chatting in the MMC or Union, but it doesn’t matter where you see me you can always stop to have a chat or a smile on your way past. I want to be a friendly face for you to make your year in the German Department as welcoming as it can be.

My experience in the Department has been defined by my year abroad as a language assistant in NRW and by being an ex-beginner in the language. There are so many reasons why these have enhanced my experience here but I also realise there is lots of room for improvement!

I want to do a few things specifically this year:

  • I will have a monthly open office where you can come directly and chat with me for everything good and bad that you may wish to discuss. I will also be actively involved with your class reps,
  • Improve the experience for beginners and ex-beginners. I am proof that you can make it to honours as a beginner in the language! I want to set up a mentoring network to link beginners with ex-beginners in honours to encourage and help with everything, from being a friendly face, helping managing workload, or a simple grammar explanation outside of the classroom. Beginners make great honours students!
  • Host a Careers Fair specifically for DACH companies - this can be used for graduates, year abroad, and internships,
  • More support for all stages of the year abroad experience. I know that your year abroad can be incredible but it can also be tough! I want to help make sure your placement is right for you, that your time there is great and when you come back to us, that your welcomed back with open arms.

I want to make your time here as special as can be, and improve the department for all members. You are very welcome to email me at any time on GermanConvenor@

Bis dann!