Geography and Sustainable Development School President

Hi! I'm Imaan Kotadia, your Geography and Sustainable Development School President for 2020/21.



School of Geography and SD


About me

I am a fourth-year single honours Geography student from Birmingham, with particular interests in feminist and health geography. In my spare time I love to cook and travel!

As Geography and SD President, my role is to be a representative for student voices and views within the school. Your class reps and I will regularly engage with staff throughout the year to ensure that actions are taken to improve student experience both academically and socially. This coming academic year will definitely be unusual and present some challenges for staff and students however, I am really committed to making sure that students continue to engage with a positive learning environment and enjoy their degree as much as possible.

My main goals for the year are: to improve the spirit of community within the school, improve school support and resource access for student wellbeing, gain consistent module feedback throughout the year to allow for positive changes to be made regularly, and work with the school societies to host a plethora of careers events. If you have any concerns or feedback throughout the year, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and make sure to follow the relevant school pages on Facebook and Instagram!

I'm super excited to be your president and I hope that you all have a fantastic year.