Classics School President

Hi! I'm Erik Crnkovich, your Classics School President for 2020/21.


About me

Salvete omnes! I am currently in my third year and pursuing a joint degree in Ancient History and Archaeology & Social Anthropology, where I am a particular fan of architecture, space, and grand theoretical approaches to culture and society. When I am not engaged in course material or at the Department, I enjoy messing about with Experimental Archaeology (I am currently working through recipes from Apicius), pretending I am a naturalist on the Coastal Path, and translating Horace, Ausonius, or reading the Transcendentalists (I am a particular fan of Thoreau).

As School President for 2020-2021, I represent all Classics students on various committees such as EduCom, the Classics Teaching Committee, and the Classics Student Staff Consultative Committee. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any complaints, questions, are looking to pitch in, or have ideas for projects!