Campaign warnings

The following candidates were issued a formal warning or penalty designation from the Elections Committee, for breaching the rules of the 2020 elections.

Name Position Severity Warning Date
Aarika Dhir Biology School President Formal warning 5.16: campaigning in a pre-existing Facebook group 3rd March 2020
Thomas Overend Association President Formal warning 5.16: campaigning in a pre-existing Facebook group chat 6th March 2020
Luke Simboli Alumni Officer Formal warning 5.16: campaigning in a pre-existing Facebook group chat 6th March 2020


The Elections Committee shall define any rule infringement on the following scale:

Severity Description
Informal warning A reminder to a candidate of the elections rules. Will not appear on the warnings list or voting portal.
Formal warning Will not appear on the voting portal, but the Elections Committee is persuaded that a rule breach might have occured.
Mild rule breach Candidate may not have intended to break a rule, but the infringement is severe enough to go on the voting portal. Rule breach does not directly impact another candidate.
Moderate rule breach Candidate did have some knowledge that they were breaking a rule. The Elections Committee may be satisfied that repetition is unlikely. Rule breach does not significantly impact another candidate.
Severe rule breach Candidate may have been dishonest to the election committee, or have intended to break a rule with an element of deception. Rule breach represents serious risk to the fairness of the elections, or may have badly impacted another candidate's campaign.
Very severe rule breach Candidate has committed a rule infringement which is just short of disqualification.
Disqualification The candidate will not be listed on the voting portal, and will be removed from all election activities.


Click a position title to see the role description, and a candidate name to see their manifesto/campaign page. The winner of each position is shown in italics.

See All Officers for a list of current position holders.

Sabbatical Officers

Position Candidates
Association President Dan Marshall (campaign), Ewan Alexander McCall, Thomas Edmund William Rowell (campaign), Tom Overend (campaign)
Director of Events & Services Tom Groves (campaign), Mika Schmeling (campaign)
Director of Education Amy Elizabeth Gallacher, Charlotte Peters
Director of Student Development & Activities Gavin Sandford, Joanna Louise Stewart, Sarah Julia Greenberg
Director of Wellbeing Emma Rose Walsh (campaign)
Athletic Union President Sophie Tyler (campaign)


Position Candidates
Association Chair Morgan Morris
Alumni Officer Luke Simboli
Community Relations Officer Anna Maria Young
Environment Officer Léa Weimann
LGBT+ Officer Georgina Beeby, Connor McLean
Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer Vacant

SRC (Students' Representative Council)

Position Candidates
Accommodation Officer Sophie Bickerton
Arts/Divinity Faculty President Joe Horsnell
Postgraduate Development Officer Vacant
Member for First Years Maitreyi Tusharika
Member for Gender Equality Elise Lenzi, Elena Maria Ewence
Member without Portfolio Annie Smith
Member for Racial Equality Ananya Jain
Member for Students with Disabilities Anna-Ruth Cockerham
Member for Widening Access & Participation Tooba Shah, Samiyah Lunat
Postgraduate Academic Convener Abi Whitefield, Abd Alsattar Ardati
Science/Medicine Faculty President Chloe Fielding, Quinn Stevens
Member for Student Health Gabby Kyriakou, Callum Robert Ewen, Caroline Ee Ming Low, Isabel Remers

SSC (Students' Services Council)

Position Candidates
Broadcasting Officer (STAR) Anna Rose Harris
Charities Officer Amy Feakes
Debates Officer Zaine Mansuralli, Henry Kirk
Member without Portfolio Toni Valencia, Thomas Chivers
Music Officer (MiL) Emily Barclay
Performing Arts Officer (Mermaids) Martin Caforio, Xavier Atkins
Postgraduate Officer (PG Society) Sam Ross
Societies Officer Avery Kitchens
Volunteering Officer (SVS) Cara Nicholson

School presidents

School Candidates
Art History Hannah Koegler, Missy Bolt
Biology Brynne Stewart, Radhe Shantha Kumar, Aarika Dhir, Stephan Levin, Ennio Pecaver
Chemistry Camiel Leake
Classics Erik Crnkovich, Martin Duffy, Naomi Abeyasekara
Computer Science Ryan Gibb, Sam Stanford, Ewan Gilligan, Antonia Knowles
Divinity Vacant
Earth & Environmental Science Belinda Hawes, Ludovico Varallo
Economics & Finance Sanjana Venugopal Ramaswamy, Eleanor Louise Day, Joseph Charay, Astrid Stephanie Parker Parades
English Callum Robert Forbes Irvine
Film Studies Teo Yarkova, Reuben Morris-Dyer
Geography & Sustainable Development Imaan Kotadia, Tom Saunders, Chandler Yorke-Edgell
History Geraint James Morgan, Thomas Wilson
International Relations George Watts, Chris Anderson, Alexander Jules Brunner
Management Jeanne Marie Adam
Mathematics & Statistics Murray Whyte, Joshua Park
Medicine Orrin McAleer, Mostin Aiyu Hu
Modern Languages Lucy Matthews, Liam Cassidy
Music Vacant
Philosophy Rachel Neighbour
Physics & Astronomy Sarah Johnston
Psychology & Neuroscience Lindsay Nielsen, Brynn Mikayla Walsh
Social Anthropology Elinor Layne, Siobhan Ali

Modern Language Convenors

Language Candidates
Arabic/Persian Emma Johnston, Anya Lee Ek
Comparative Literature Maddie Lee
French Antonia Cahill, Heather Jeffrey, Jessica Scullion
German Eva Grace Halliday, Yollie Morgan
Italian Helen Clinton, Louise Gourgeon
Russian Elodie Phillips
Spanish Rohan Date