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The candidates listed below are for the 2021 General Election.

This page will be updated with 2022 Candidates and information in the coming weeks.


Check the 2021 election results for a full breakdown of votes cast.


Sabbatical debates

Current Position Holders

See officers for a list of current position holders.

The following candidates have been issued a formal warning or penalty designation from the Elections Committee, for breaching the rules of the 2021 elections.

Name Position Severity Warning Date
Spencer Percival Association President Moderate Rule Breach 5.19. Prohibited Activity, Et Cetera March 4th
Sam Winton Athletic Union President Mild Rule Breach  5.16. Prohibited Activity, Online Campaigning March 2nd
Jess Creaby-Atwood Member for Gender Equality Mild Rule Breach 5.7. Unfair Advantages Prohibited, Positions Held March 3rd
Quinn Stevens Management School President Formal Warning 5.16. Prohibited Activity, Online Campaigning March 3rd
Tom Groves Director of Events & Services Formal Warning 5.16. Prohibited Activity, Online Campaigning March 3rd
Rol-J Williams Debates Officer Formal Warning 5.7. Unfair Advantages Prohibited, Positions Held March 4th

The Elections Committee shall define any rule infringement on the following scale:

Severity Description
Informal warning A reminder to a candidate of the elections rules. Will not appear on the warnings list or voting portal.
Formal warning Will not appear on the voting portal, but the Elections Committee is persuaded that a rule breach might have occured.
Mild rule breach Candidate may not have intended to break a rule, but the infringement is severe enough to go on the voting portal. Rule breach does not directly impact another candidate.
Moderate rule breach Candidate did have some knowledge that they were breaking a rule. The Elections Committee may be satisfied that repetition is unlikely. Rule breach does not significantly impact another candidate.
Severe rule breach Candidate may have been dishonest to the election committee, or have intended to break a rule with an element of deception. Rule breach represents serious risk to the fairness of the elections, or may have badly impacted another candidate's campaign.
Very severe rule breach Candidate has committed a rule infringement which is just short of disqualification.
Disqualification The candidate will not be listed on the voting portal, and will be removed from all election activities.

Sabbatical Officers

Winners are shown in bold.

Click a position title to see the role description. Click a candidate's name to see their manifesto.

Position Candidates
Association President
Athletic Union President
Director of Education
Director of Events and Services
Director of Student Development and Activities
Director of Wellbeing

SRC (Students' Representative Council)

Position Candidates
Accommodation Officer
Alumni Officer
Arts and Divinity Faculty President
Association Chair  
BAME Officer
Community Relations Officer
  • Rosanna Johnston
Disability Officer
  • Jane Yarnell
Employability Officer
Environment Officer
First Years Officer
Gender Equality Officer
LGBT+ Officer
Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer
Postgraduate Academic Officer
Postgraduate Development Officer
Science and Medicine Faculty President
Secretary to the SRC
Student Health Officer
Widening Access and Participation Officer

SAF (Student Activities Forum)

Position Candidates
Broadcasting Officer (STAR)
Charities Officer
Debates Officer (UDS)
Music Officer (Music Fund)
Performing Arts Officer (Mermaids)
Postgraduate Officer (PG Society)  
Secretary to the SAF
Societies Officer
Volunteering Officer (SVS)

Note that the following SAF positions are interviewed, and are not part of the elections process: Arts Festival Convenor (OTR), Design Team Convenor, Ents Convenor, Principal Ambassador.

School Presidents

School Candidates
Art History
Computer Science
Earth and Environmental Science
Economics and Finance
Film Studies
  • Harry Ledgerwood
Geography and Sustainable Development
  • Delaney Murray
  • Hannah Stewart
  • Reise Watson
  • Lucie Duffy
  • Abigail Mongeau
International Relations
Mathematics and Statistics
  • Anna Apara
  • Fraser Gold
  • Henry Exley
  • Aidan Johnstone
Modern Languages
  • Sam Howard
  • Francesca Perkins-Taylor
Physics and Astronomy
Psychology and Neuroscience
Social Anthropology

Note that the Graduate School President is elected in September, in a separate elections process.

Modern Language Convenors

Language Candidates
  • Anya Ek
Comparative Literature
  • Anne Lee
  • Quinn Murphy
  • Helen Matthews
  • Charlotte Thomas
  • Harry Stage
  • Davide Dolce