Voting is open from Thursday at 12:01am to Friday at 6pm! Current students can vote here.

Find out more about the candidates here!

We are aware of some students having difficulties loading the Elections Portal to vote early Thursday morning. We believe those issues are now resolved. Any questions about this or difficulties voting should be directed to SAElect@.

Read the role description for the Director of Events and Services here.

Read the Elections Rules here.


Due to the resignation of the previous office holder, the Students’ Association will be holding a by-election in August 2021 to elect a new Director of Events and Services for the upcoming academic year.

Questions about the position, rules, or running a campaign? Contact the Elections Committee on SAElect@.

Find out more and follow along with the elections:

Important Dates

Date Event
Monday 9th August, 9am Nominations open
Friday 20th August, 5pm Nominations close
Friday 20th August, 7pm

Nominations announced (Online)

All-Candidates Meeting (via Teams)

Saturday 21st August, 1pm Campaigning starts
Tuesday 24th August, 7.30pm Candidate Question Time (Livestreamed on Facebook)
Wednesday 25th August, 7.30pm Candidate Debate (Livestreamed on Facebook)
Thursday 26th August, 00:01am Voting opens
Friday 27th August, 6pm Voting closes
Friday 27th August, 8.30pm Results announced (Livestreamed on Facebook)


Elections Rules and Running a Campaign

All candidates and campaign teams should read the Elections Rules, which have been approved by the SAEC and Elections Committee.

The rules are interpreted and amended as necessary by the Elections Committee daily during the elections period. Candidates should check this page regularly for updates.

The Elections Committee is responsible for ensuring all candidates adhere to these rules. Any questions, concerns, or suspected rule infringements should be sent to the committee via SAElect@.

If you have questions about running a campaign, the Elections Committee can also provide guidance.


Elections Committee

The Elections Committee has five members who all work to ensure a free and fair elections for all, including answering queries from candidates and voters, advising candidates on running a campaign, running Elections Week events, ensuring compliance with the Elections Rules. For this election, the committee is:

  • Senior Elections Officer: Anna-Ruth Cockerham, Director of Wellbeing
  • Lottie Doherty, Association President
  • Sandra Mitchell, Students’ Association Executive Committee
  • Sarah Johnston, Students’ Association Executive Committee
  • Zaine Mansuralli, lay member

You can contact the Elections Committee on SAElect@ or visit the Virtual Elections Office in the Candidate Teams Channel every day 12-1pm and 6-7pm, 9th to 27th August. You can access the call using these links:

Rulings of the Committee

The Elections Committee has made the following rulings and clarifications:

Date Ruling
22nd July 2021

Published the Elections Rules for this election. You are asked to note the following:

  • Voter Eligibility: you are eligible to vote in this election if you are currently a student of the University of St Andrews and have not opted out of the Students' Association (i.e., not incoming first years or June graduates).
  • Ban on in-person campaigning: due to the timing of this election and the COVID restrictions still in place, all in-person campaigning activities are banned in this election.

Candidates and campaign teams are asked to read the full Elections Rules and reach out to the Elections Committee if further clarification is needed.

12th August 2021

Candidate Eligibility has been updated. 

You are eligible to stand in this election if you are currently a student of the University of St Andrews or graduated in June 2021, have not opted out of membership of the Students' Association, are not disqualified from being a charity trustee, and are in good standing with the Students' Association, University, and Athletic Union.

Candidates should reference the Elections Rules to find more information.

To allow for the expanded candidate eligibility, nominations have been extended for 1 week and campaigning and voting postponed accordingly.

20th August 2021 (9 am)

The Elections Portal is currently down. We are working to get it back up but in the meantime all candidates should submit their nominations via email to SAElect@. Details at the top of this page.

The Elections Committee will add all nominations we receive today manually at the close of nominations.

We are suspending the requirement for a proposer and a seconder for nominations (Rule 2.3) due the outage.

26th August 2021, 1:30am

We are aware of some students having difficulties loading the Elections Portal to vote. We are looking into this with IT and will update on our social media and this page when these issues are resolved. Any questions about this should be directed to SAElect@.

The Elections Committee will make a ruling on whether anything else needs to be done about this situation in the morning.

26th August 2021, 2pm

We believe the issues logging into the Elections Portal to vote are now resolved. If anyone is still having issues we encourage them to reach out to SAElect@.

The Elections Committee will discuss whether any further action needs to be taken at our meeting this evening.

26th August 2021, 5pm

Elections Portal Outage on Thursday Morning

Due to an issue with the student records database, some people were unable to access the Elections Portal to vote. We are unable to ascertain exactly how long this was the case, but generously we think that the issue started when voting opened and was resolved long before 10am BST. Given that this happened in anti-social hours for people in time zones close to the UK and that people in other time zones will have the opportunity to vote tonight, we conclude that no further action needs to be taken on this issue. If an issue like this arises again, we encourage voters and candidates to reach out to the Elections Committee on

27th August 2021, 1am

(Updated from 26th, 5pm)

Edge Cases in Voter Eligibility

We note that some people have reached out who suggest they should be able to vote but were deemed ineligible because their student record does not consider them continuing the same course of study.

The Elections Committee has ruled that any student who was studying at the University of St Andrews in AY 20/21 and is expected to be studying at the University in AY 21/22 should be eligible to vote. The Portal has been updated respectively. This should resolve the cases of the students who reached out to us.

Anyone still having difficulty voting should reach out to us on  


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in running for Director of Events and Services in this election then you can nominate yourself from 9th August at 9am till 20th August at 5pm. The link to nominate yourself will be at the top of this page.

An individual can nominate themselves as long as they:

  • Are a student at the University of St Andrews or graduated in June 2021.
  • Are an ordinary member of the Students’ Association or were before you graduated.
  • Are of good standing for the Association, the Athletic Union (AU) and the University. This means a student with no debts to any of those bodies and no disciplinary measures in force from them (e.g., bans from the Union building).
  • Are not disqualified from being a charity trustee (see here).

To nominate yourself, you will require two supporters (a proposer and a seconder) who meet the eligibility for voting. No member of the Elections Committee or the Sabbatical Team can propose, second, or campaign for a candidate.

Voting opens on the 26th August at 00:01am and closes at 6pm on 27th August. The link to vote will be at the top of this page when voting opens. You should rank the candidates in order of preference (with 1 being the person you want the most). You don’t have to assign all the candidates a ranking (if you have no further preferences).

Ordinary members of the Students’ Association (i.e., students who have not opted out of the Students’ Association under the Education Act 1994) shall be eligible to vote.

Note: In this election (due to the summer period) we interpret “students” to be those who will be continuing their course of study next year.

  • This means students who are rising 2nd years, 3rd years, etc. and continuing postgraduates can vote.
  • This means incoming first year students or postgraduate students (who had not started their course of study in the previous academic year) cannot vote.
  • This means students who graduated this June cannot vote.

Our elections use the single transferable vote (STV) system. A good explanation of this system is available here.

STV means that if you only vote for one candidate, your vote will expire after the first round.

To win an election, a candidate needs 50% +1 of the votes.

After each round of results, if no one has more than 50%, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. Voters who put this candidate as their first preference will have their second preference counted in the next round.

Before campaigning begins, a candidate can have up to thirty people in their private campaign group. After campaigning begins, you can have as many people as you want.

Only ordinary, life, and honorary members of the Students’ Association are allowed to campaign for any candidate. (All matriculated students are automatically ordinary members unless they have opted out.)

This means that any student or graduate (who didn’t opt-out of the Students’ Association) can be a member of your campaign team.

Staff at both the Union and the University of St Andrews are not allowed to campaign. Students who also work for the Union or University can campaign only when off duty.

No subcommittees of the Students’ Association, affiliated societies, student groups, or Athletic Union clubs may endorse any candidate using any official website, social media page, mailing list, or general meeting.

Candidates will not be allowed to engage in any in-person campaigning in this election. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Campaign events (e.g., meet-ups, pub crawls, etc.)
  • Campaigning outside the library or other University buildings
  • Putting up posters or flyers around town
  • Handing out items like stickers or baked goods around town

This is because many students are not in St Andrews and some COVID restrictions are still in place. To ensure safety and fairness, we want to limit campaigning to activities that are equally available to candidates and that the Elections Committee can reasonably monitor (which in-person activities are not at this time).

If it can be kept private, yes. For example, unpublished Facebook pages and private YouTube videos are fine, since no one else can see them. Twitter accounts cannot be made completely hidden, so we ask that candidates only create Twitter pages once campaigning begins.