SRC Member for First Years

Hi! I'm Maitreyi Tusharika, your SRC Member for First Years for 2020/21.


Mai Reyika


Member for First Years 2020/21

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About my position

As Member for First Years, I support freshers over the summer by answering their questions, connecting them to societies and sports clubs, and ensuring they have a communication platform for their class/specific degree.

How my position affects you

Although most of my work takes place over the summer, I represent freshers on the Student Representative Council and Equal Opportunities Subcommittee during the academic year. Particularly because things are very different this year due to the pandemic, if any fresher(s) has concerns over their experience in first year I would be able to put it forth on the council and press for any possible changes or adjustments required.

About me

I am a third year Economics and Management student from the south of India. I am tall, I usually wear glasses, and I can be found near Tesco's Cookies shelf (White Chocolate Cookies are the best, fight me) at random times of the week. I wanted to be Member for First Years because I realised the shortcomings of my experience as a fresher at the end of my second year and wanted to work towards minimising any such problems and ensuring the incoming class receive the experience they deserve during their first year at university!

Groups I work with

I sit on the Equal Opportunities subcommittee, and the SRC.

I also run @standrews2024 on Instagram, and moderate the Class of 2024 Facebook group.

My manifesto pledges

Read my full manifesto here, and follow my Facebook page for updates.

I will establish an information hub on the classof2024 Instagram started by a prospective student and use it as a platform to connect freshers to societies, subcommittees, halls, and sports clubs.

As a student from a different culture, first year was more than just learning about new courses and societies. It included finding the perfect biryani nearby, adjusting to beautiful weather changes, and realizing shops in St Andrews do not stock my favorite home shampoo. I will work towards supporting a smooth Cultural Transition for international and EU Students.

Academic families are probably the most wholesome part of our university experience. I want to make sure that every fresher is not just involved but happy about it. I will work with the Director of Wellbeing to establish enough opportunities for third and first years to interact and for adoption to take place. I will also actively encourage the use of St Friendrews for Academic Parents and First Years alike so they can network and find likeable families over social media

One of the most nerve wrecking bits of moving to a new place is finding your troop/making friends. In my first year, I carried to university a huge chunk of social anxiety and hesitated to make friends. I want to support freshers and maximize avenues for them to socialize and integrate into the bubble. Although not in first year, study abroad students are freshers as well and tend to feel alienated sometimes. I will keep in touch with the exchange students from different years and answer any questions they have. I will also help put them in contact with relevant people if they have any concerns.