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Promises Delivered

Promises Delivered

Promises Delivered by the Director of Education

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Re-worked Academic Alerts

Partnering with with the Deans, the DoWell, the Disabled Students’ Network, and our Disability Reps, we’ve successfully reviewed and improved the Academic Alert system. This includes a softening of the language used in these emails, focusing first on student wellbeing rather than employing blaring warnings and punitive language. The DoWell and I will continue working with Deans for overhaul of the Academic Alert mechanism in Semester Two.

Cutting Red Tape

Both within the Union and the University, there’s a lot that can be changed and simplified. For example, I reformed the Education Discretionary Fund (EDF) to make guidelines clearer and more transparent, ensuring student money is accessible to our Reps. I’ve also worked to build better links between our SRC Officers on topics of shared priority (like Employability) and will continue to change the shape of Education Committee to best represent students. Most importantly in this section, I led the initiation of a Change Programme, which is detailed in another heading.

Reimagining Representation

This year, I implemented work that was started by the past two DoEds to improve student representation on University Committees within my remit area. As part of this process, the Students’ Association and the University have agreed on a new method to appoint students to serve on University Committees in the first place – diversifying the voices on these decision making groups and ensuring all levels of Academic Reps are speaking for students on important policies and priorities.

We’ve also improved the guidance given to student reps on these committees and ensured that committee staff are more actively consulting students and student reps on any proposal they are drafting that affects the student experience. These changes mark a larger culture shift to make the University more responsive to student voices, and strengthen our position as your representatives.

Cam Brown, Director of Education 2023-24