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Academic Calendar Update

Academic Calendar Update

Model 2a has been formally adopted.

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Academic Calendar Update 

Following a meeting of the Academic Senate on December 6, 2023, Model 2a was formally adopted.

This is a monumental win for students, having advocated for change over the last two years. This goes to show the power of collective action and what we can achieve when we come together.

Beginning with the Academic Year 2024-25, Semester 2 (January 2025) will see more than just a few adjustments to enhance our overall academic experience, in line with what you told us:

  • Delayed Start After Winter Break: Semester 2 will commence one week later after the winter break, allowing for a smoother transition into the new academic term.
  • Introduction of Independent Learning Week: An Independent Learning Week has been added to the calendar, providing you with dedicated time for self-directed studies. This change, suggested and discussed extensively with various university groups, aims to optimise your learning experience.
  • Maintaining 11 Weeks of In-Person Teaching: In-person learning remains our priority. We are committed to ensuring the University 11 weeks of engaging, face-to-face teaching.
  • Exams Post May Bank Holiday: May Dip is BACK (before exams), rather than in the middle of exams!

We, as a sabbatical team, want to express our gratitude to everyone who actively participated with the consultation back in September. Your invaluable feedback through surveys, discussion groups, and informal activities played a crucial role in making and shaping these changes.

We understand that creating a perfect academic calendar is a challenge, but we believe Model 2a aligns with the diverse needs and priorities of you, the students, academic staff, and the professional services teams.

Your input has been vital, and we are confident that these adjustments will contribute positively to your St Andrews experience.

We will keep you updated on these initiatives through the weekly email and other channels. Your continued support is crucial as we work towards making the university experience the best it can possibly be for everyone.

Cam Brown, Director of Education