New to town? Bought a bike? Not sure about the rules? Never fear. Some basic information is here!

We want you and your fellow road users to be as safe as possible on the roads. So please read up to make yourself a safer and more efficient cyclist.



Bike Equipment

  1. Light it up: Bike lights and reflectors are a legal requirement (you could potentially be charged/fined for not having these). It is really important that cars are able to see you especially if you are cycling in the dark. 
  2. Bright Idea: It is a very bright idea to wear some bright or reflective clothing (e.g. a jacket or even some snazzy high vis) in order to improve your visibility.
  3. Use Protection: It is a good idea to protect your head by wearing a helmet.
  4. Maintain: Bike maintenance is key to making your bike safer to ride. By looking after your bike you are looking after yourself.
  5. Lock Up: It’s important that you buy a bike lock in order to deter pesky bike thieves…


The Road

  1. Its my way or the Highway While you may feel like cyclists make up their own rules sometime you actually must abide by the highway code when you are cycling. Remember you are a vehicle.
  2. I think it must be a sign… Read up on what road signs mean via
  3. To the left, to the left. Remember to cycle on the left hand side of the road!
  4. GREEN means GO, RED means NO. Remember to abide by the traffic signals.
  5. One way or another… Remember that if a street is one way for cars this rule also applies to cyclists.
  6. Slip nSlide. Be aware that when it rains the road surface can become treacherous and it will take you longer to stop your bike (Scotland is a rainy place…)
  7. Look ahead. Be aware of potential hazards/obstructions  which are in your path.
  8. Been partying? It is illegal to cycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. So don’t risk it (you could get points on your license) why not get the free Night Bus instead?


Consideration and Visibility


  1. Protect Pedestrians: Remember to cycle on the road/in designated cycle lanes (not pavements/the sidewalk as this is actually illegal and you are putting others at risk).
  2. Cars: Please be considerate of other road users. It is really important that you are aware of cars and that cars are aware of you in order to avoid a collision. Give them lots of room. A lot of accidents occur when a cyclist is on the inside of a vehicle that turns left in particular this happens at junctions. It is important that you avoid undertaking.
  3. Bigger Vehicles: Avoid cycling on the inside (between kerb and the vehicle) of large vehicles. This is a really vulnerable place to be as the space which you may think seems like a great place to cycle can quickly disappear and you aren't really visible.
  4. Be visible: Make sure you are in a visible position and at night make sure you have the appropriate equipment as mentioned above.
  5. Its behind you! Be aware of traffic which is coming up behind you.
  6. Make some eyes: Try to make eye contact with other road users in order to ensure they are aware of you.
  7. Indicate: Try to indicate clearly when turning.
  8. You can ring my bell: If you have a bell, use it! It’s a great way to make sure people are aware of you.

Please note that this page is only intended to be a basic introduction and to raise awareness of some important point cyclists should bear in mind. For more information you should visit some of these useful sites: