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When should I start looking for accommodation?

Lists in St Andrews aren’t usually released until the end of January/early February. However, some sites function on a rolling basis. You might consider getting together a group of people you want to live with around late November/early December, and start planning paperwork together and decide what suits everyone’s needs price-wise, location-wise, and preferably, beforeyou get back to St Andrews for second semester.



How do I choose who to live with?

You always hear that your best friends aren’t always the best people to live with, and this is for a reason. If you know you’re a morning person, you might want to avoid living with people who are night owls. If you like a fairly calm, peaceful environment, you might want to avoid living with those who prefer hosting house parties. Be prepared to have a long conversation about likes, dislikes, and dividing up tasks with future housemates, and establish good communication off the bat. The Accommodation subcommittee has previously held Flatmate Matchmaking sessions in the past, so like their Facebook page and keep up with their events and updates to the How to Rent Guide!



What do I need to apply for private accommodation?

Every letting agency/private landlord is different, but it’s all usually a mixture of an application form with your details, copies of your matric card and your driving license or your passport (depending on nationality), character and landlord references, proof of address and/or study, and guarantor forms. If you're an international student, printing out and having your parents sign these over winter break is really helpful, especially with tight application deadlines.


A full checklist, as well as breakdowns of every letting agency within St Andrews, can be found on pages 6-16 of the How to Rent Guide.



It’s May and I haven't found a place to live. What do I do?!

Have you joined and checked these three Facebook accommodation groups? Often spaces open up when people drop out or when PhD students move out of places.



I have other/more questions!

Everything you probably have to ask - like a checklist of what to look for when viewing flats, what to do once you get and accept an offer, and even moving out - and more are all in the How to Rent Guide, which was updated just last academic year and increased in size from about 16 pages to 30! It’s the most comprehensive guide to accommodation in St Andrews. Find the online version of the How to Rent Guide here and give it a good read-through:

Physical copies may be found at reception of the Union, too!

You can also get in touch with the Students’ Association President (pres@) or Iain Cupples, the Student Advocate (inc@) with further questions.