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The results are in!

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Your UnionUniversity of St Andrews Students' Association

What's happening when?

For the by-election and NUS referendum:

21 March

  1. 0:01am: Nominations open.

25 March

  1. 12 noon: Nominations close.
  2. 3pm: All candidates meet on Teams.

26 March

  1. 0:01am: Campaigning starts!

1 April

  1. 0:01am: Voting opens.
  2. 6pm: Voting closes.

This year's candidates

There are around 60 elected positions within the Students' Association. These positions include the 6 full-time Sabbatical Officers, plus the members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and School Presidents. Any matriculated student can stand for election and cast their vote when polls open.

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NUS referendum

On 1 April, you can vote on whether or not to affiliate with the National Union of Students (NUS). The result of this referendum is binding, so long as voter turnout meets or exceeds the 20% threshold.


The Deputy Returning Officers have prepared some impartial data and information.


You voted no, by a margin of around 81%.

🎉 Winner:
Don't affiliate

The £15,925 annual NUS membership is a bad deal with an organisation that doesn’t share our inclusive values. Stand up for your values, your money and your community! Say NO to NUS!


Tackle the housing crisis in St Andrews by making a home in the NUS. Vote Yes to Join the NUS.


Some elections are re-opening for voting on 1 April. Nominate yourself between 21 March and 25th March for any of these roles!

Director of Education

Advocates for improvements to academics.

🎉 Winner:
AK Schott

Nathan Cuttica

Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer

Supports non-traditional students' experiences.

🎉 Winner:
Molly Paule Wilson


President of the School of Classics.

🎉 Winner:
Thomas Bender

Focused on equality, diversity, inclusion, and careers for all people in the School of Classics

Anna Robinson

Addressing issues of accessibility, representation, equality, and accountability in the School of Classics

Edmund Dhanowa


Sabbs are students taking a year out from studying to work full-time at the Students' Association.

Association President

Leads the Association as the main spokesperson for students.

🎉 Winner:
Juan Pablo Rodriguez

In the Students’ Best Interest, Affordability, Inclusivity and Action First. Juan Pablo Makes Your Experience Better

Lottie Doherty

Re-elect Lottie for a Better St Andrews for all!

Athletic Union President

Represents and manages student sport.

🎉 Winner:
Ailsa Martin

SPORT FOR STUDENTS BY STUDENTS: My vision is that everyone receives the opportunity to gain rewarding and valuable sporting experiences in their university life

Director of Education

Advocates for improvements to academics.

Unfortunately, there were no candidates for this post in the general election. See the by-election above for more info!

Director of Events and Services

Designs and implements events for students by students.

🎉 Winner:
Lucy Brook

Delivering Safe, Well-Organised Events at a Union Made for You

Luke Adams

Accountable and Transparent

Director of Student Development and Activities

Supports co-curricular development opportunities for students.

🎉 Winner:
Sam Gorman

Your DoSDA, fighting for your ideas

Aonghus Marshall

Director of Wellbeing and Equality

Champions student health, diversity, and inclusion.

🎉 Winner:
Emma Craig

Experience, Engagement, Equality.

Hannah Page

Advocating for You

Student Representative Council

SRC subcommittees and council members represent the whole student community.

Accommodation Officer

Liaises to improve private & uni accommodation options.

🎉 Winner:
Andrew Byrne-King

Elizabeth Hayslett

Present the facts, fight for change

Emma McKeown

Krish Chaudhary

Alumni Officer

Connects alumni and students, enhancing professional development.

🎉 Winner:
Aditya Goel

Julie Hatfield

Meet Alumni, Meet Julie!

Arts and Divinity Faculty President

Directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

🎉 Winner:
Francesca Jane Lavelle

The decision is black and white, vote for Francesca Lavelle

Georgina Orchard

Championing internationalism, increasing career pathways, widening access and participation; vote Georgina Orchard for a fresh perspective

Candidate received a Minor Infraction for posting in Facebook Group Chats without prior permission from an administrator

Association Chair

Convenes and administers internal Union Committees & Council.

🎉 Winner:
Alasdair Richmond

Vote Accessible Students’ Association. Vote Alasdair.

BAME Officer

Speaks for BAME students and leads the BAME Network.

🎉 Winner:
Yuyu Jasmin Zheng

Charities Officer

Runs the annual Charities Campaign.

🎉 Winner:
Alice Chapman

Let’s give all we can!

Community Relations Officer

Connects the local community and Students' Association.

🎉 Winner:
Mashaim Bukhari

People make St Andrews

Disability Officer

Represents disabled students' needs and experiences.

🎉 Winner:
Jane Yarnell

Employability Officer

Enhances students' career outcomes.

🎉 Winner:
Mathis Bourassa

Better employability opportunities are on the way!

Andrew Linz

Mary Olaleye

Environment Officer

Coordinates environmental and sustainbility initiatives.

🎉 Winner:
Marcelina Lekawska

Promoting climate justice and intersectionality to create equitable sustainability, while increasing education and community outreach to create significant local change.

Eva Elizabeth Neill

Visible action, transparent policy, and collaborative leadership for a greener university

Gender Equality Officer

Ensures inclusivity for all genders.

🎉 Winner:
Rach Nevinova

If there has to be gender, they should all be equal.

Skylar Rose O'Mara

International Students' Officer

Speaks on behalf of international students.

🎉 Winner:
Raghav Kediyal

Vote for Diversity, Vote for Raghav!

Mariana Razina

Feel Understood. Vote for Mariana.

Samuel Scott Henderson

LGBT+ Officer

President of Saints LGBT+, organising policy and creating community.

🎉 Winner:
Sofia Johnson

Vote for me and I will make St. Andrews THE most supportive and queer-friendly space for students. St. Andrews 2022/23 will be yassified.

Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer

Supports non-traditional students' experiences.

Unfortunately, there were no candidates for this post in the general election. See the by-election above for more info!

Postgraduate Academic Convenor

Chairs the Postgraduate Representation System.

🎉 Winner:
Emma Suzanne Bairstow

Samuel J. Ivey

Standing Up For What’s Right

Science and Medicine Faculty President

Directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

🎉 Winner:
Martyna Kemeklyte

Timothy Redpath

Let’s Get Involved

Secretary to the SRC

Maintains social media channels and assists with projects.

🎉 Winner:
Lewis O'Neill

Societies Officer

Helps societies with affiliation, grants, and elections.

🎉 Winner:
Laura Connies-Laing

Practical support to get societies back on track and enable them to thrive

Student Health Officer

Voices student health concerns to the Uni and Union.

🎉 Winner:
Sana Aboobacker

Self care isn’t selfish!

Widening Access and Participation Officer

Promotes initiatives related to affordability and resources.

🎉 Winner:
Ramsay Bader

St Andrews - For All

Other positions

Student Trustees

Two people who govern the Students' Association Board (the registered charity).

🎉 Winner:
Alasdair Richmond

Understanding you, hearing your voice. Vote Alasdair.

🎉 Winner:
Anna-Ruth Cockerham

The Experience To Make Your Union Better Than Ever

Andrew Longworth

For experience, scrutiny and transparency, Vote Andrew!

Ben Logan

Student representation from the bottom-up.

Elena Kalenti

You can ‘TRUST’ me to be your voice at the table of strategic decision making and planning!

Erin Barr

John Lavelle

Trust John … For All Students


Supported over the year by the Charities Campaign.


🎉 Winner:
Families First

Families First work with children and young people (and their families) 5-16 years of age with additional support needs, living in rural North East Fife, to overcome their personal challenges so they have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The money raised by the campaign would be used to strengthen the social and emotional development of children, young people and their parents and carers; so they can become effective contributors to their communities.

CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil

CLEAR was formed by a group of residents depressed by the decline and neglect of Fife’s (and one of Scotland’s most deprived communities. They started litter picking, then planted tree saplings and bulbs, launched one then another community garden, opened a community workshop and hub. With the money raised they would expand thier annual native and fruit tree planting on public greenspace (some derelict land), increase the planting of spring bulbs and wildflowers along roadsides and parks, run weekend environmental events , expand wood and bike recycling at the community workshop.

Finlay’s Friends

Finlay’s Friends provides comfort kits: 24-48hour packs of toiletries, blankets, keepsake bear, socks, bag, notebook, pencils, power bank phone chargers & insulated bottles. These are provided to families with children rushed to hospital in an emergency. With the money the campaign raises, they aim to expand the number of partner hospitals they work with and also the nature of the provision they provide to include spare clothing and additional funds to cover other needs of families with children rushed in.


🎉 Winner:
Bloody Good Period

Many refugees, people in the asylum system and those living in poverty simply cannot afford period products. People who menstruate suffer because of the culture of embarrassment and shame that exists around this natural, biological process. Bloody Good Period gives period products to those who can’t afford them, and provides menstrual education to those less likely to access it. With the money raised by the campaign, they would provide essential period products to those who would otherwise not be able to afford or access them.


Every week in the UK at least 12 young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions. Since its formation in 1995, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) has been working to reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD). CRY supports young people diagnosed with potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions and offers bereavement support to families affected by YSCD. CRY promotes and develops heart screening programmes and funds medical research.

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful is they charity for Scotland’s environment. Their goals are: combat climate change, tackle litter and waste and protect and enhance the places we live, work and visit. By supporting Keep Scotland Beautiful they will help communities across Scotland, to tackle litter, reduce waste, combat climate change and inspire action to protect the places we love. The It’s Your Neighbourhood initiative supports and recognises communities for cleaning, greening and creating more sustainable neighbourhoods for people, places and wildlife.


🎉 Winner:

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. They offer assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Working in over 70 countries and go to places where others cannot or choose not to go.


771 million people don’t have clean, safe drinking water. Charity:water, a non-profit that’s reinventing charity for a new generation. Every single penny raised would be spent on clean water projects in rural communities in the Global South. For example, it could be a school in Bangladesh receiving clean water for the first time, along with hand-washing stations, toilets and drinking water taps. A health clinic in Uganda receiving piped, clean water for drinking and sanitation.

Plan International

Plan International UK is a global children’s charity that advances children’s rights and equality for girls in over 50 countries around the world, including right here in the UK. They empower girls everywhere and takes action on issues that matter to them. From providing reusable sanitary products, to training teachers and building schools, they want equal opportunity for girls everywhere so every girl across the world knows her value and the world around her values her too.

School Presidents

Leads Class Reps to create change and community in Schools.

Art History

🎉 Winner:
Anne Moorhouse

Extending a H-Anne-D: Building our Community and Connections inside and beyond the School of Art History.

Grace Palmer

Revitalizing Art History - creatively re-engaging with the ‘St Andrews’ community

Jack Wagner
Leila El-Dada


🎉 Winner:
Ava True

Vote Ava True – bringing student voices to the forefront in the fight to bring teaching innovation and accountability to the School of Biology.

Benjamin Heckmann

Extensive Feedback on Assignments Should be a Standard.


🎉 Winner:
Kirsty Bentley

Here for every chemist, if I’m elected I will strive to represent every student as best I can; from those who love chemistry to those who find it a bit tougher!

Blaine Manning

George Kingsley-Moore

For a more accessible, approachable and open chemistry department for all!

Michel Zeitoun


Due to a rules infringement, the Classics School President will be elected again on 1 April, 2022.

Computer Science

🎉 Winner:
Robbie Wallace

Working to improve the CS experience

Carlos Leal Teixeira Gondim Simão

CS for CS! Carlos Simão would be honoured to represent your interests as the Comp. Sci. President.

Georgy Kamensky

Vote Georgy for CS President!

Maurice Byrne


🎉 Winner:
Laurence Lamonde-Mercier

Mentorship, feedback, sustainability, EDI, & community!

Josh Rooke

Approachability; Bibliography; Collaboration; Diversity. Vote Josh for Divinity School President

Earth & Environmental Science

🎉 Winner:
Patricia Helpap

Morgan Lewis Alsop

Economics and Finance

🎉 Winner:
Syna Singh

Sync with Syna for a memorable year :))


🎉 Winner:
Catherine Mullner

You Can Count on Catherine!

Film Studies

🎉 Winner:
Iona Alison Thorburn

Vote for Iona!

Geography & Sustainable Development

🎉 Winner:
Grace Brady


🎉 Winner:
Rosamond Fricker

Driving Diversity, Facilitating Transition, Creating Careers

Anna Pilgrim

International Relations

🎉 Winner:
Kashwi Aggarwal

Making IR more inclusive, accessible, and well-connected.

Nima Brivanlou

William Dashe

Proven track record and bold vision for: greater +OPPORTUNITY, +INCLUSION of all students and perspectives, +TRANSPARENCY and fairness


🎉 Winner:
Maggie Crookston

Connections to create a Community, and community to create Careers

George Hollick

Nina McNicol

Careers, Creativity, and Community. Calling all management students - let’s reclaim our position as #theonestolookoutfor.

Mathematics & Statistics

🎉 Winner:
Zoe Gemmell
Bella Nathanson-Tanner

I will work towards building a fun maths community where people can form relationships with their peers and lecturers as well as feeling confident in sharing any issues.

Eric Xiao
Jo Affleck

In person exams need not scare us


🎉 Winner:
Robbie Carnegie

By focussing on Accessibility, Community and Experiences I have a vision that we as future doctors will look back upon our time at St Andrews with pride in the changes we made together.

Modern Languages

🎉 Winner:
Daniel Ross

To enhance community & peer support across all language faculties and explore new opportunities for 2022-23

Elizaveta Timofeeva

Vote for Elizaveta for greater support, better accessibility, deeper communication and bigger events

Saira Rafiq


🎉 Winner:
Nigel Arthur Mika

For the People

Physics & Astronomy

🎉 Winner:
Isabelle Terry

Michael Stanway

Psychology & Neuroscience

🎉 Winner:
Emma Hearn

Making proactive, tangible changes to benefit all students

Julia Ruiz Rua

Wellbeing & community; Academic & career support; Amplifying student voices

Social Anthropology

🎉 Winner:
Taylor Bonnes

Evelyn Hoon

Making representation relevant to your life - more involved reps, more wellbeing support, & more events! Vote Evelyn, the zesty candidate for change.

Language Convenors

Coordinates Class Reps in each Modern Language Department.

Arabic and Persian

🎉 Winner:
Alice Robinson

Vote Alice for a better Arabic and Persian department where communication comes first

Livian Stokes

Comparative Literature

🎉 Winner:
Federica Consiglio

Kristie Poon


🎉 Winner:
Quinn Duganne Murphy


🎉 Winner:
Madeleine Houghton

Freya Ward

Julia Webster


🎉 Winner:
Rachel Aird

I want to provide more informal language practice and build a greater community in the Italian department


🎉 Winner:
Maddie Aber

Alastair Addison

Better Communication; Better Image; Better Opportunities.

Marcella Valente

Molly Luckhurst

Natalie Wood

A vote for Natalie is a vote for progress


🎉 Winner:
Yasmin Chowdry

Laura Jane Henderson

Vote for me if you want to attend exciting events, improve and engage your language skills, and be part of a Spanish adventure at St. Andrews.