Volunteer Recognition Scheme 

The Volunteer Recognition Scheme is a joint venture between the University of St Andrews Students' Association and Saints Sport created to support student volunteers and enable them to easily log their volunteering hours, develop key skills for the future, and provide a platform whereby student achievements can be formally recognised by the University.


Volunteering Awards

There are two stages of award recognition: Quantitative and Qualitative


Quantitative awards reflect the number of hours that a student volunteer has completed.

You can log all of the hours you volunteer over your entire time at University and work towards the four different Quantitative awards:

Bronze: 50 hours

Silver: 150 hours

Gold: 300 hours

Platinum: 500 hours

Volunteers receive a certificate for each level of the Quantitative awards once the total number of hours required has been approved, the student has adequately tracked their skills, and their self-reflective piece has been submitted and approved.


Qualitative awards highlight the level to which volunteers completed their hours as acknowledgement of the quality of a students' contribution to a project.

Student volunteers who achieve the Gold and Platinum Quantitative awards will be eligible for a Qualitative award, and can apply for the inclusion of a Qualitative award on the Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEAR) transcript if they are a matriculated student and submit (i) a self-reflective piece, (ii) one or more recommendations from peers, staff, or project director, and (iii) a portfolio detailiing key areas of involvement and achievements that the student believes are relevant.

Volunteering Portal

To get access to the Volunteer Portal, please register using your University of St Andrews email address and start logging your hours!

User Guides

Volunteers Guide

Project Area Directors Guide

Please contact Shaina Sullivan via dosda@st-andrews.ac.uk if you require any further information.

Frequently Asked Questions


What projects can I log volunteering hours for?

You can log hours for any volunteering within a Students' Association subcommittee, School Presidents & Class Reps, or Saints Sport Club. If you are unsure if your voluntary work qualifies, please email the DoSDA, Shaina, via dosda@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Will my volunteer logs get approved if I do not attach evidence?

No, you must submit evidence otherwise your hours will not be approved. You can be creative and submit any relevant evidence whether it be meeting minutes, email correspondences, or even selfies!

How far back can I go in terms of logging volunteering hours?

You can log hours as far back as the Academic Year 2015/16.