The St Andrews Voluntary Service (SVS) tasks itself with assigning volunteers, mainly from the student body of the university, to local projects in and around St Andrews. We are a subcommittee of the Students’ Association which means that every matriculated student is automatically a member. 

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, develop skills, gain experience, and engage with the wider community. The large variety of opportunities we offer reflects the vast range of interests of the student body. 

We have 8 main project areas: Youth, Youth with Additional Needs, Adults with Additional Needs, Elderly, Befriending, Animals, Community and Environmental. You can read more about the different projects on our website or contact us for more information. 


Our committee 2019/2020:

  • Convenor / SSC Volunteering Officer --> Lisa Marie Husby
  • Secretary --> Aggie Britton
  • Treasurer --> Flora Williams-Ellis
  • Development Officer --> Adam Lord
  • Publicity Officer --> Grace Taylor
  • Events Officer --> Alex Ehrenberg 
  • Technology officer --> WE ARE LOOKING FOR ONE!
  • Adults with Additional Needs Project Officer --> Simone Richer 
  • Animals Project Officer --> Georgie Turner
  • Befriending Project Officer --> Jessica Riley 
  • Community Project Officer --> Brooke Siegler 
  • Elderly Project Officer --> Sophie Beardsworth 
  • Environmental Project Officer --> Cara Nicholson 
  • Youth Project Officer --> Chloe Fielding 
  • Youth with Additional Needs Project Officer --> Abbey Bowley 




Instagram: YourSVS