As a subcommittee of the Students’ Association, all matriculated postgraduate students, both taught and research, are automatically members of the Postgraduate Society. Our job is threefold; we deal with postgraduate academic representation, student wellbeing and social event organisation.

For the academic year 2018/19, the Postgraduate Society is led by the President, Cameron Rice. The Postgraduate Convenor, Ashley Clayton, deals with your academic representation and our Development Officer focuses on Welfare, while the President manages the organizing of events. We also work closely together with St Leonard’s College, the home for all postgraduates. We organise events ranging from whisky tastings, ceilidhs to bus trips and balls through the Postgraduate Society Committee. PG students and new members are welcome to join and bring in new ideas about what the Postgraduate Society can offer to the postgraduate community.

You can find us in Meeting Room (first floor of the Union) every Wednesday, 6-7 pm. Just stop by for a chat, all our meetings are open!

The Postgraduate Society is here to provide a great time for postgrads in St Andrews, whether you’re here for a Masters or a PhD, we hope to welcome every one of you at our events.


·        Postgraduate Society President – Blake Purchase (

·        Postgraduae Academic Convenor – Abd Alsattar Ardati- (

·        Postgraduate Development Officer – Ana Neferu (

·        Secretary – Ana Neferu

·        Treasurer – Nora Jaquemet

·        St Leonard’s liaison officer – Vacant 

·        Events Officer- Charlotte Peters

·        Ball Convenor – Lesley Locke 

·        Marketing Officer – Vacant 

·        Members Without Portfolio –Greta Ruttenburg

·        Extraordinary Member – Scott Schorr

·        Director of Student Development & Activities – Shaina Sullivan (

·        Director of Education - Amy Bretherton (’