Are you into theatre, comedy, musicals, or any other performing arts? Want to show off your talents either on the stage or in the wings, or just see some fantastic shows and meet some likeminded people? Welcome to Mermaids!

We are a performing arts fund, meaning we don't put on shows ourselves. Instead, any student can propose a show that they want to put up. We provide the funding, advice, expertise, and enthusiasm to help you put on the show that you want.

We fund around 30 shows each year, from Shakespeare to contemporary drama, including pieces written by students and pieces performed in non-conventional venues.

As a Union subcommittee, all students are automatically members. Whether you want to act, direct, produce, design sets, stage-manage, tech or write, Mermaids gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills.

Our affiliated societies cater for a wide variety of interests:

The Mermaids committee has a public meeting every week. We are happy to help you get involved, and give friendly advice about any aspect of performing arts in St Andrews.

We know that this can be new and quite daunting, so every November, Mermaids runs the Freshers' Drama Festival. This is an opportunity for those new to theatre to put up a show in a closely supported environment, and is a great way for you to get into drama in St Andrews.

We run frequent workshops to help you develop skills; these vary from the basics such as audition technique or teching a show, to workshops with professionals or how to get into drama school. We also send a number of very successful shows to the Edinburgh Fringe – a fantastic opportunity to represent St Andrews at an international festival.

Mermaids has a very active social scene, with regular events for everyone to meet in a relaxed environment. Our biggest event is the annual Christmas Ball, one of the most popular social events in town. Keep up with the Mermaids Facebook page for details.

Committee 2020-21

Position Name
President Martin Caforio
Vice President Bella Zeff
Secretary Molly Ketcheson
Productions Treasurer Isabelle Molinari
Productions Coordinator Juliet Boobbyer
Ball and Fundraising Convenor Natalie Christopher
Fringe Representative Joscelyn Hyam
Barron Manager Cate Hanlon
Box Office Manager Molly Luckhurst
Costumes Officer Noémie Jouas
Set and Props Officer Natasha Maurer
Technical Operations Officer Adia Folsom
Marketing Officer Georgie Turner
Engagement Officer Molly Williams