Saints LGBT+ is a social and wellbeing group dedicated to providing an open and safe environment for people in the LGBT+ community- and allies- within St Andrews. As we are an Association subcommittee, every matriculated student is automatically a member and everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. is welcome at any of our events.

On the social side of Saints LGBT+, the team is headed up by our Social Officer. This extremely dedicated and enthusiastic team organize a variety of events throughout the year to help you make the most of your St Andrews experience! From a club night in 601 to film nights, capture the flag to bonfires, there is something for everyone! If you have any suggestions for events you’d like to see, feel free to hit us up and we will try to help make it a reality.

Keep an eye out for the sell-out club night, DRAG WALK in February, and fantastic GLITTERBALL in April, both of which will be bigger, better, and shinier than ever! Our socials are really great ways to meet other LGBT+ individuals, make friends and have a good time with people who may have similar experiences. It’s also a great way to meet new academic parents!

University can be a difficult and stressful time, so we have an incredible wellbeing team, headed by the Wellbeing Officer, dedicated to bringing you a diverse range of educational and supportive events, such as our St Andrews PRIDE parade, speaker seminars, sexual health workshops, and outreach schemes. We also run Identity Specific Meet-Ups for the POC, Disabled, Asexual/Aromantic, Trans/NB, WLW*, MLM* and Bi/Pan communities currently. Those events will be advertised through Facebook with a secret guest list and we also have identity specific Facebook groups that you can find on our Facebook page and join.

University can be an amazing time but can be a stressful time. Moving away from family, settling in a new environment, and coming to terms with gender or sexual identity are all events that may cause stress and worry at University, and we are here to help you through these times. Please feel free to approach any member of the committee at any time, and we’ll can help guide you to resources or further support as needed.

If you’d like to see us in person, come along to one our weekly Drop-In sessions, scheduled to begin in October! If you have any concerns, comments, feedback or need resources- feel free to pop in or shoot us a message! 

We also understand that coming to your first LGBT+ event can be challenging, so we’re more than happy to meet up with you at the event, or prearrange something, so that you know you won’t be alone when you arrive! All of your committee members will also be clearly marked out, either with a committee t-shirt or lanyard, so feel free to approach them for a chat at any point during the events. The committee are all incredibly lovely and approachable – please do make use of them if you feel the need! We’re here to support you!

If you’re wanting to get more involved with the committee aspect Saints LGBT+, come along to our weekly committee meetings, as we’d love to have people get involved and help out! Saints LGBT+ meets every Wednesday from 7-9!  Our meetings are open to all and there are plenty of subcommittees of LGBT+ we would love to have you join!

At the end of the day, Saints LGBT+ is an incredible group, and we hope that you interact with us and discover this for yourself too! We’d love nothing more than to make your University experience as amazing as it possibly can be! To find out more, check out our website, Facebook, Instagram, or drop us a message. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Instagram: saintslgbt
Email: saintslgbt@


Committee 2020-21


President - Georgina Beeby, she/her

Wellbeing Officer - Parker Hansen, any pronouns

Social Officer - Anenti Winter, she/her

Secretary - Dione Hodges, she/her

Treasurer - George Kingsley-Moore, he/him

Marketing- Harriet Watts, she/her

Trans and Non Binary Officer - Greysen Braley, he/they

Campaigns Officer - Alex Schellekens, he/him

Wellbeing Events Coordinator - Michael Logue, he/him

Queerfest Coordinator - Lucy Hellawell, she/her

Postgraduate Officer - Patrick Barth, he/him (to be updated following our EGM in October)

First Year Officer - Rhys Hague, any pronouns (to be updated following our EGM in October)

Glitterball Convener - Erika Gravina, she/her

Design Officers - Taba Bevan, she/her, & Rhys Hague, any pronouns

Director of Wellbeing - Emma Rose Walsh, she/her

DoSDA - Gavin Sandford, he/him

DoES - Tom Groves, he/him