The Ents Crew are the team of student volunteers who make all of the Union's events look and sound as good as possible.

I'm running an event, what do I need to do?

If you're putting on event, then you need to go to a ‘Users’ meeting. These are where we go through requirements for the coming few weeks and help you plan your event. This is so you can tell us what you'd like from us, and we can say what we'll need from you. Please think about these questions and have your answers ready for your Ents Users Meeting.

Due to coronavirus we are currently working out how these meetings will be taking place in the new academic year (2020/21) but keep an eye on our website ( and on our Microsoft Teams channel (join at

What is the Ents Crew?

Ents Crew power Union events. We're all students and we're all volunteers - most of us with no previous experience whatsoever. If you thought that an event looked cool, then that was us, and we would love you to get involved. 

What do you do?

Essentially, we help two groups with events. The first is the Director of Events and Services. It's their job to put on the Union's own events - like the Freshers' Week lineup. They tell us what they want or come to us for ideas, and we make them happen. This certainly includes technical elements – lighting, sound engineering, and projections, but we also support DJs during setup. Inflatable fish; 1200ft of ribbon; 3000 balloons, we've been there. The second group is students themselves, the bulk of our term schedule is composed of student groups putting on their own events. It might be a recurring event, like the AU's "Sinners", or a one-off fundraising event by any of the 150+ societies. We help to facilitate all of these groups in putting on the best events possible. If you're a society interested in putting on an event which you may need Ents support for, check out our 'How to book an event' page.

I'm a Fresher - how do I get involved?

You don't need to know anything in advance. You might never have even changed a lightbulb, but we'll show you what to do. We don't expect you to pick up everything in a few hours, but at the same time, we won't make you wait long before you get to do something interesting. We have regular training sessions in lighting, sound engineering and DJ. To keep up to date with the latest in training news, follow along on our website ( or email us on to find out more. Due to coronavirus these are currently being re-developed by our training officer so you can still get the best of our training while staying safe.

What's the commitment?

Just because you come and learn how to rig a light, it doesn't mean you're committed to anything. You can always do as much or as little as you want. We're volunteers, and we do Ents because we enjoy it. We're all students aiming to get our degrees, so we like to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves while putting together events.

How do I find you?

If you have any questions, just e-mail us on ents@ Or of course, find us on facebook. We normally run a weekly meeting every Wednesday but due to coronavirus we're currently figuring out how the next year will be working. Keep up to date on our website ( to find out how to get involved, or send us an email (ents@)

If you're putting on event, then you'll need to come to our ‘Users’ meeting. We'll help you plan your event. This is so you can tell us what you'd like from us, and we can say what we'll need from you.