Design Team Convener

Hello! My name is Paloma Paige and I am your Design Convener.

Hello! My name is Paloma Paige and I am your Design Convener.

As convener for the University of St Andrews Design Team, I lead creative and design-skills workshops for students and societies.  I also oversee collaborations between us and the Union and societies.  Our team includes the committee and also any student who wishes to get involved with design projects throughout the year.  This is one of the defining characteristics of the design team, that we provide training and resources to students who may then use their new skills to work with us while improving their portfolio; and we provide a free service to societies which helps them and gives our designers projects.  I am excited to be expanding these practices and also strengthening the relationships between students, societies, the Students Association in general and us, the Design Team.  

The Design Team has its own suite in the Union (1st floor) where there are computers equipped with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and printers/scanners.  This suite is open for all students to use, but is also the location for many of our workshops and also office hours.  During term time, I will hold weekly office hours (tbc) during which anyone is welcome to come and talk about project proposals, advice, how to get involved with the Design Team etc.  

To get in touch meanwhile, or to follow the Design Team's activities, please email me at pp31@ or the Design Team's general email at sadt@.  

Also, find us on Facebook or have a look at our website.