Together we exist to give every student in St Andrews the opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ

At SAUCU we put on events which tackle 'big questions' of faith, and allow students of all faiths and none to have open conversations. We want to show people God's love and share what Jesus has done in our lives.

Weekly Activities:

We meet together centrally at 7.30pm in the Baptist Church on South Street every Tuesday to get equipped to do this, usually through the Bible,and praying and worshipping together. It's a great chance for Christian students from different backgrounds and churches to get to know each other and to get excited and involved with upcoming events; we'd love to have you and meet new people!

We also have weekly prayer meetings for all we're involved with in St Andrews at 8am in the Chaplaincy (7.30am for breakfast!) - it's an early one but such a good way to get behind CU and support each other. 

Hall Groups (in every hall) also meet throughout the week to pray for each other and study the Bible to help us in sharing Jesus' love with our friends.  

Another part of SAUCU is Toastie Bar. Toastie Bar is a society that sells 50p toasties out of the Baptist Church on South Street every Friday night from 11pm to 2.30am, sharing God's love practically with fellow students. We'd love to see you there, either as a volunteer or as a customer!

For more information, please email us, head over to our facebook page, or our website at, and keep in touch with Toastie Bar on Facebook and Instagram. We'd love to get in touch and answer any questions you have! 





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