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Hi! The sustainable development society is an inclusive and dynamic society. Our aim is to discuss and raise awareness on global issues relating to sustainable development, and on potential solutions at all scales. We do so by organising regular events including movie screenings, pub quizzes, beach cleans, bonfires, panel discussions with experts... and an exciting festival coming soon! We are all interested in different aspects of sustainable development including climate change, pollution, access to education, gender equality, sustainable consumption, … so no matter your interest - or if you're just curious to understand what sustainable development means - you're always welcome to join! We are open to all students regardless of your knowledge or subject studied. Our membership is just £3 a year, which helps us to fund most of our free events, and allows you to pay less to attend events involving a small fee. We always love to see new people getting involved, so please feel super welcome to message us on facebook or instagram, to email us, and to join any of our events!





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