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Wilderness Medicine

Increasing the awareness of medicine outside the hospital or primary care setting, particularly in a wilderness environment.



Wilderness Medicine is a society present at nearly every university in the UK with a medical school, establishing affiliation in 2019 and winning the runner-up award for best new society in 2020.

At Wilderness Medicine Society, we aim to combine the outdoors and medicine in fun scenarios, hikes, educational talks, and teaching sessions.

As a member of our society, you will have some fantastic opportunities. The benefits include:

  • The chance to hear a diverse range of speakers with wilderness medicine experience. By organising these talks we hope to give a true insight on the ins and outs of the wilderness medicine lifestyle.
  • We are also dedicated in our efforts to give members the opportunity to take part in fun activities such as mountain rescue scenarios, hikes, sunrise swims, and other trips away.

We invite you into a community of like-minded people who are passionate about integrating healthcare with the great outdoors. If you are interested, send us an email or find us on Instagram or Facebook!

Peace and love.


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