why affiliate

Why Affiliate?

Affiliating your society to the Students’ Association has a number of benefits. 

  • You will qualify for financial assistance, in the form of grants and loans from the Students’ Association, to assist you in putting on events which fulfil the aims of your society.
  • You will have priority access to the facilities in the Students’ Association such as room bookings, equipment hire, and a stall at the Freshers Fayre.
  • You will receive a society mail box and society email address.
  • You have access to Students' Association staff time, insurance and existing resources. 

Affiliated societies are managed and promoted by the Societies Committee. The Societies Committee will provide support and advice if and when you need it as well as providing training for your committee members. 

If you are thinking of affiliating, please note the following things:
  1. Make sure you check out the Societies A-Z to confirm that someone hasn't already started up your society. We cannot affiliate a society which intends to do the same thing as an existing affiliated society because the Students' Association's status as a registered charity. To do so would be viewed as a misuse of money under OSCR law.  
  2. You must have at least 25 paid members
  3. Ordinary membership of your society must be open to all students. 
  4. You must charge a minimum of £3 as a membership fee.*

If you have any questions regarding affiliation please contact the Societies Officer at socs@st-andrews.ac.uk. 

*If you believe this will be a significant issue for your society please get in touch with the Societies Committee so we may discuss options.